Argo's vs Al's GT

Lets have a good one.

RedWhite2005 says hello ! :thup:

I was just going to start one of these.

The answer is 7.

Right back at ya RW05 :cowboy: I finally tracked my brother from another mother down :rockin:

Thanks HfxTC,

I hope this game isn't a blow out.

Looks like TO hasn't resolved the discipline issue...

Watkins missed every practice this week, now drops a catch...

Toronto is one stupid ball team :o
36 yards of offense 55 yards in penalty -19 yards and two turnovers :?

the Argos have all American Coaches who only know their game and not ours.

the best example? 3rd and 1 and they hand it off to a back in the backfield… like what the heck Andrus? are you stupid?

Watkins second straight drop...

Coming from the NFL looking at the penalties, Andrus must think he's been abducted by aliens and dropped on another planet.

Is Duane Ford an idiot???

"it's 15 yards but it still isn't enough!"..

umm uh.. hello??

it's an automatic first down dumbass!!

Jeez 11 posts before somebody hacked on the announcers.

I had Black in post 7. Turned out to be Forde in post 11.

I'll try again tomorrow

well your announcers have gotta sound intelligent out there..

and that comment was ridiculous! like know the rules!!

KJ Deserves an Academy Award for that dive!!!!

But what a touch on that pass by McPherson !..Did you see that one in practice ??? :rockin:



Kind of brought to mind the question about the kid’s “touch” on the ball. I love AC but I can’t wait to see this guy play and coached by AC himself.

Guzmann is doing a nice job replacing Ferri

Just getting in from a BBQ. Had some dogs and a few drinks. What's with the 9-0 halftime score? Am I the only one wondering what's going on in Montreal? Yikes.

Oh well. Time to turn on the TV and watch the second half.

9 nothing?

Its 16 nothing