Argos vs Als Announcers are terrible!

I'm falling alseep watching this game.

There's no interesting insight, there's no interesting statistics, etc...

Just monotone and boring talking.


Welcome to the awesome world of Rod Black/the blew team/ and a bad MTL team

This game is terrible. Montreal's defense is knocking the Argo's around but there's been no flashy offense. But they're effective because they WIN. But I'm throwing in the towel and going to bed I'm so bored by the game.

ps - Watching Rob Murphy makes me wonder how he was ever considered a good player. He's been getting beat all night.... badly. But that's good for 'Cats fans.

Murphy is easily the biggest free agent bust of 2009.

8) As has Mr. Moreno !!! :lol:

Moreno had 10 tackles and a sack tonight. But I will say that our linebacking corps has been fine without him.

8) And most of those tackles by Moreno were 10 yds downfield, after he had been initially beat !!
  Coburne was running up the middle for big yards half the night with ease, and on Coburnes second touchdown up the gut from the 3 yd line, Moreno was nowhere to be seen at all  !!!

  Not even visible, or near the play when the rerun was shown  !!!!

Chase-mode MLB play isn't all that riveting, granted.

There is know one that drives me nuts more than Glen Suitor this man just rambles on and on he's enough to put you in a mental institution :thdn: :thdn:

It was so bad. It felt like these guys weren't football commentators. Like the real guys were sick or something so they pulled some tennis announcers in to do the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Rob Murphy...

This guy was getting lightly pushed and he's get knocked off balanace and guys would run right around him and knock KJ into the ground with ease. He is JUNK.

TSN’s announcer, Black seems best as a Baseball play by play guy.He does alot of games covering the Jays well,and maybe he’s tired after all that bBaseball talking?
I guess TSN needs a new Football play by play person.
How about Mike Hogan from the Fan590?
Come on TSN thats a no brainer.
He’d show alot more emotion and is a promotor of the game to boot.

TSN needs to look at the entire crew. They have all been awful. Dunnigan shilling Kelly, the lack of prep by a bunch of theses guys, most of them on the panel especialy don’t even like each other. TSN should look at the whole crew. I don’t think there is one in the bunch I would keep with the exception of maybe Schultz.

  • Clime drives me nuts.
  • Dunnigan is loud and obnoxius.
  • Black is a nerd.

But it could be worse...

We could have Cassie Cambel and PJ Stock shudder

There's nothing wrong with Cassie.

My favourite part was that we got to hear how bad we were even when we weren't playing. Of course they had to talk about our last shutout. :roll:

It wasn't the announcers, it was the game that was the problem. That was as boring a game as you'll see anywhere, anytime. The announcers had nothing to announce!!

An Argo-Cat fan

How about they actually spend some time on the sidelines talking to the players... Why do they even bother with sideline reporters. Turn it over to the stars who make the game. TSN could start there.

Football is way too fast paced to call like a baseball game. Baseball games are notoriously announced with long pauses and extended periods of silence. There is always something to comment on in a football game. It doesn't cut it to just say the players name when he has the ball. They should call the game like they are talking to a blind person, describing the flow of the game with emotion and vigor.

OK, I now work nights and was not able to watch this game. And neglected to record it.

Can someone tell me how is it possible that any team does not score a single point in a game? :smiley: :lol: Are they really that bad?

Go to TSN VOD and watch the game in its entirety