Argos Vrs Cats!

I think that the signs should be out in full force at these games with the focus on Williams! I know what I would put on mine, it would read: CFL stands for Cannabis Free League! Any other good suggestions out there? Anything to pick on yet another Argo!

i like it...

Flag isn't that kind of


Hehehe good one!

I like

"everyone shoooosh! We dont want to scare the Argos at IWS"

Coke for sale..... :roll:

Best of luck Ricky in the CFL except when you play the Cats.

HAtboy1 and I get tickets first row in between the benches for Labour Day I would like to extend the invitation to Joe Theisman to take my seat and wear my Ticat Jersey!!

I made a flag that I want to post but I can't upload the image. How would I do this?

You need to save the image on a website like photobucket or something like that and then post the url for the location of the picture. Hope that helps

Nothing but truth!

Be ashamed to be Argos!

all in fun