Argos voted # 1 most entertaining team in T.0

The Argos voted # 1 most entertaining team in T.O. check out all the Negitve votes for the Raptors and TFC. Now the regular few on here can say this is not accurate, but. Would be promoting this like crazy if it showed TFC and Raptors on top

The Argos and the league do apparently have a much bigger following in S. Ontario than they are given credit for in the media. As Jim Hunt said, the CFL is like porn--everybody watches but nobody talks about it.

The challenge the Argos and league face in that market is to get counteract the campaign of ridicule that certain parts of the media have waged over the years, and get people back to buying tickets to the games and talking about those games in public the next day without worrying about potential derisive remarks from those influenced by that media.

So far, they haven't done a very good job of it.

Everybody watches the argos but no one goes to the games because the home experience is better and cheaper.
A change of stadium may cure that.

LMAO !!!! Hilarious, Roller Derby a solid 3rd place finish. :lol: Make-Me-Laffs...where else ? last place as usual :stuck_out_tongue: As for those Red Patch Bunch...the Hell with them and their self absorbed entitled attitudes,they don't even deserve to be on the list and TFC could fold tomorrow for all I care. Let's hope they move the Argos to BMO field and kick that sorry Soccer bunch out on their arses,as far as I'm concerned they can go play in a cow pasture where they belong. :twisted:

I think that combined with a more media-friendly/influential owner would go a long ways to improving public perception and to getting fans out to the games. Let's hope it happens. :thup:

Still though despite the bad experience at the crap dome and the equally horrid schedule, there is still no better value for the dollar.

well, it is presently at 1548 votes, so it is a small selection of the population, but still nice to see.
There were also 4203 thumbs up votes vs 7380 thumbs down, so 63.7% of the voting was negative. This would seem to indicate a lot of repetition of negative bias voting towards a few teams, where people were maybe selecting 1-2 teams for thumbs up and slamming others repeatedly. They say stats don't lie, but they also can't be taken at face value I said though, still nice to see...there has to be some level of merit behind it.

Have to agree with this.

  • they get bullied by the “big” guys
  • not nearly enough media attention
  • less than stellar overall gameday experience in the dome
    …I will say this though, new owner really doesn’t matter influence wise on the levels most hope so long as Rogers controls so much of the local media…unless they were in on ownership of course. They have nothing to gain and money to lose if the Argos gain momentum.

Yeah, I was thinking of MLSE as the new owners, which of course includes Rogers.

Rogers has a lot to gain with guys like me if they really are on board with the Argos. Yes, the gain is in perception of Rogers as more or less "good guys" who see the benefit in promoting a non-major league Toronto team in a Canadian league rather than a pure monetary gain but I also do subscribe to cable through Rogers and am able to switch to Bell Fibe if I want or am persuaded to. That's something Rogers should think about I would say if they care but there probably aren't enough of my type out there for them to care. Probably.

A statistically accurate survey, I see. Almost 13,000 votes from 1,700 voters. Almost as meaningful as the CFL online polls.

And only the top ranked team (Ultimate Disc? WTF?) has more thumbs up than thumbs down.
Seems that the only thing this survey confirms is that Toronto sports fans don't like sports. :roll:

OK. People are REALLY getting desperate when they post an online poll result from a website nobody has heard of to claim the Argos are one of the most entertaining and popular pro sports team in Toronto. Just behind the incredibly popular Toronto Rush from the AUDL (what does that even stand for?). Clinging to a lead though over the incredibly entertaining Brampton Beast. (Anybody else never hear of that 4th place team in this survey?) lol.

I guess if the Argos were in last place that would make people happy and confirm the validity of the poll. Similar to the CTV poll which had the Argos in 2nd place in it's first few weeks, polling Toronto's favourite sports team. Many sceptics said the poll wasn't valid because the Argos weren't that popular (or so they've been told). The Argos got more votes than the Raptors and TFC combined. That result was mirrored by the recent comprehensive Angus Reid sports poll which showed 22% of Toronto adults followed the Argos, with 9% following TFC and Raptors at 13%.

These polls mean NOTHING - it's all about how many people actually come out and buy tickets.
It's like the poll that was taken just before the Grey Cup, they asked Canadians "will you watch the Grey Cup" ?
It was like 60% said that they intended to would watch it. When the TV ratings came out it was closer to 15 PER CENT of TSN viewers that actually watched it.

The persons writing just before and just after you are prime examples of these people. They try to deny anything that looks positive about the Argos. But anything that looks negative about the Argos, they take it as gospel. :roll: :roll:

my how things have changed. As of this post, Argos 4th with thumbs up, but1st (most) with thumbs down.

Aprox 1 in 3 voters dissed the argos. grrrrrrrr

Well since you are talking about me rcon I’ll reply. I’m a HUGE CFL fan who is not ‘happy’ about the PATHETIC situation the Argos find themselves in over the last few years.

I spend more of my own money to go to CFL games (Ti-Cats) than on any other sport. I’m a guest more often yes at other sporting events because I happen to have some well connected and/or wealthy friends who insist that all I have to do is buy them a beer or two at all the Leafs, Raptors, TFC, Jays and yes Argos games they invite me to where they have either personal season tickets or have regular access to corporate seats or boxes. I’ve worked and/or lived in downtown Toronto for the last 30 years. (I currently live in Hamilton and work from home most of the time - but my office is still in Toronto).

I’m also (just so you know) not blind or deaf or dumb. So I can see all the unsold tickets on Ticketmaster before Argos games and then see all the empty blue seats when there at the games. I would also hear the silence when I ask co-workers, teammates or friends if they want to go to the Argos game when I’ve ended up with an extra ticket. I would hear the ‘I want go’, ‘Oh I would love to go’ from multiple people any time the offer was for one of Toronto’s other teams.

Here in Hamilton - any time I’ve had an extra Cats ticket - no problem finding somebody wanting to go.

That’s just the way it is.

I’ve been to at least 300 games in Toronto involving Toronto’s sports teams. I would often hang out in Toronto sports bars with friends or teammates after a night of bowling or volleyball or on weekend afternoons after softball game and chat sports all the time with them and people at work. I watch lots of TSN, Sportsnet, local news and sports coverage, read the sports sections of 3 newspapers in Toronto at least a couple of times each week and read a number of sports blogs occasionally including TV ratings - so I do know how many people watch Argos games compared to Raptors or TFC games. I’ve also read all the scientifically conducted polls that show the Argos to be 3rd, the CFL 4th as a league, the fact that CFL fans are older and more and more younger fans in Toronto are gravitating towards the Raptors etc.

I’ve been at Argos games that have emptied out at the same time a Raptors game was emptying out and seen the drastic age difference, from a median age over 50 to one likely in the 30’s. I’ve been to Jays games 7 or 8 years ago where the median age was likely in the upper 50’s and have watched Rogers successfully reduce the average age at a Jays game by at least 10 years if not more. I’ve seen the Ti-Cats gear things like their music in stadium, the songs they play, the (loud) volume that they play it at to appeal to a younger crowd successfully here in Hamilton. Those examples of turning things around and making young people interested are examples Argos should be able to learn from.

So I think I have pretty good handle of the state of the Argos on the Toronto sports scene. I actually hold out more hope than my friend who has Argos season tickets - although he has yet to renew them for this year. He thinks they have fallen too far and BMO won’t save them. I disagree with him especially if MLSE ends up being the owner.

So when I then see some people here giving any credence AT ALL to a totally bogus, totally unscientific poll in an unheard of website. A poll that has roller derby and frisbee challenging for top spots for crying out loud. That some are trying to say this is proof of the Argos popularity is above those that appear below them in this ridiculous poll is desperate grasping at straws - just as I indicated in my previous post that for some reason rcon wants to call me out on.

I would be embarrassed if I tried to use this poll as proof of the popularity of the Brampton Beast (whoever they are). I would think most CFL fans are likely embarrassed that some of their fellow fans seem to want to latch on to this samde nonsensical poll as proof of the Argos popularity.

With all due respect Travel.. You only attend weekend games at Skydome when the Yankees are playing, or you go to BMO for the season opener, or when some real football team comes over from Europe... You are a bit of a whore for "The Big Event" and are not going to regular TFC games (heaven forbid it is cloudy in October) or weekday Jays games when they play against Minnesota...
That being said...The survey is quite bizare... I never even knew half of those teams exsisted.. Obviously, if tickets are 5 bucks, then you get alot of bang for your buck...
The sad thing will be if Braley hangs onto this team and they draw 2000 actual fans this season.The Skydome is going to look like TFC games at BMO this season, if Braley doesnt sell NOW!!!!!

Not sure where the survey comes from but it came up on my Facebook I didn't answer cause Im not from Toronto, but if I did Argos would have won cause as an outsider from Toronto outside Southern Ontario the interest in teams like TFC Raptors and the Jays decreases huge.