Argos Victory Parade on CP24

Amazing Turnout for the Double Blue at Nathan Phillips Square today.
Thousands lines the streets to catch a glimpse of their champions during lunch break, and thousands more made their way to city hall.
Watch live on or CP24.

They deserved it, not an easy task to win a GC in a year you're hosting it let alone do it on a milestone date like no. 100.

:rockin: 8)

Kudos to the Argos and the Grey cup organizing committee who I;m told ,from friends who went to T.O. , that it was a spectacular week.
Good turn-out for the parade. Now, forget the Maple Laughs and support the Argos in the stands!! :thup:

CFL Forever
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders will rule in 2013 :smiley:

Upwards of 100,000 lined the streets for the Grey Cup Parade :thup: :thup:

100K lined the streets? This is a fantastic number for a workday. The organization should be proud. Well done!

That's incredible. In B.C. we didnt even have a parade last year. To have that many people after winning the grey cup at home is great. Im starting to think that the argos may be turning around. Over half the homes in the GTA watch part of the game.

I would have been happy with 20,000. That is outstanding. :thup: :rockin: :smiley:

They really need to market Chad Owens this offseason. Get his face on billboards ( reebok, or new era or something cool ), on tv shows ( breakfast tv, off the record, news, much music or mtv ), in magazines, etc

They have the MOP, who is young and exciting, wholesome, cool nickname, etc. Need to push him like the raps used to push Vince Carter. Make him a household name.

They really need to capitalize on this and not just go into hiding for the next 7 months.

Bob McCown was advertising Chad Owens briefly on his radiotalk show lol, he talked to a NFL reporter about the Grey Cup game for maybe 50 seconds and said Chad Owens should be in the NFL. :wink:

Amazing number of people! :thup: Never thought I would see close to that number for a parade for the Argos in Toronto. :o

A lot of people came out of those high rises during their lunch :thup:

here is a link to many pictures of the parade.
you can see, people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the Champions:

[url=] ... os-parade/[/url]

This is going to sound churlish, and as a huge Argo fan I hate to rain on anyone's parade but especially my own team's, but I would take that 100,000 estimate (which is not attributed to anyone other than tc23) with a gigantic grain of salt. Crowd estimates are a mug's game at the best of times, and both police and some media outlets tend to vastly over-inflate the numbers. I watched the parade on two different all-news stations and IMO there is no way that anything even close to 100,000 were there. At the end of the route (Nathan Phillips Square) there looked to be a few thousand, tops. And along the route, at least at the two different vantage points CP24 and Citynews had, the crowd looked to be only a few deep along the sidewalk.

A lot of people came out of those high rises during their lunch then went back and did not go to Nathan Phillips Square. The route was long and CP24 stated this during the parade !

I had a look on a few online photos as well and 100k does sound a little generous now.

In any regard there is always people that say the sky is off Blue :lol: Conspiracy Therorists !

the argos facebook site claims approx. 50,000 watched the parade.
still, impressive numbers.
it’s all about giving the Argos/CFL visibility in the city.
the events all week, plus a big household name like the Bieb, plus the home town team winning really opened a lot of eyes to the Argos/CFL.
this can only help the league gain corporate sponsorship and grow the whole league, if followed up on this momentum properly.

CP24 said upwards of 100,000 . Anyway, give Toronto some Credit.

they need to do this again before the 2013 season to raise awareness of the new season.
a pre-season pep-rally, if you will.

I am happy to credit the Argonauts with not only winning the 100th Grey Cup but also drawing a good-sized and very enthusiastic crowd in the middle of a workday -- both are significant accomplishments, and as an Argo fan I am thrilled about both. But just because CP24 (or anyone else) says something, that does not make it so. Without evidence, anyone can estimate any number.

As I said, police and some media outlets are prone to overstate crowd estimates, often by a lot. Police used to routinely say that two million people went to the Santa Claus parade -- a figure that I believe was massively exaggerated. To come up with a figure that is reasonably close to accurate, there has to be some science to the count. I would bet there was no scientific basis for an estimate of 100,000, and by simply looking at the crowds as shown on TV coverage (two stations with different vantage points) I feel confident in asserting it was well below that figure.

As I recall, the media estimated 60,000 in 1983, and the throng on Bay Street for that seemed a lot bigger than today's crowd. That is not to say the event was a bust -- it is simply to suggest that the estimate of 100,000 likely has no basis in fact other than just a wild (and I would bet wildly inaccurate) guess.