Argos Victor Butler Also Wants Out

They know what this opportunity means to me, and players like me, yet they refuse to be supportive and stand uncompromising in their approach to dealing with American players, Popp going as far as to tell me: ? I can play for them or retire.?

At least Popp has become more polished. We know as Alouettes Head Coach in 2016 what alternative he gave to Als players. :slight_smile:

This is an awesome piece.

And we should have no doubt about the truths about it. Barker wax known to honor his word about allowing guys out.

Argos ship is sinking

First Wilder and now Victor Butler

Wow . It looks like the Argos have a full blown mutiny on board the ship . It makes one wonder how long before this spreads from team to team around the league . I don't think that this is a unique situation involving only Toronto and is only the tip of the iceberg . This could get real ugly and fast league wide if this form of protest isn't addressed pronto and somehow fixed or rectified in some way .

Let butler go and if he fails ,we don't let him back in. He can spend all the NFL money that he made and the same with wilder.

Screw them, a lot of these guys will not make it and if they do, they can, after they fulfill their contract. So don't go bad mouthy the league, they are not wrong on this. Even butler admitted that he thought he would tear up the 3rd tier league against 2 tier players. So fulfill what you read and signed.

Last February, I signed a one-year deal with the organization that included a team-held option. I made it painfully clear to the team that I was only interested in playing the 2017 season. I saw this as a great opportunity and possible chance to relaunch my NFL career where I had played 65 games over seven seasons. I was told that the Argos have a history of working with guys who have the opportunity to play down south, so if it did not pan out there was always a home for them back in Toronto.

I said: “If that’s the understanding, let’s do it.?

No mention though of the specific individual who told him he would be allowed to leave after one season.

I love this article! Butler sounds borderline unhinged.

My favourite snippets:

"...a crime against humanity..."

"I refuse to be intimidated..."

" organization trying to oppress..."

"... second-tier players in a third tier league..."

"...I am shocked we didn’t have a losing season..."

"...taking school buses like some high school class on a field trip to practice..."

" bats in the restroom and the threat of vandals and arsonist looming around every day..."

"...forced to beg and plead for breakfast..."

"’s only a matter of time before I am; too old, too broken, and too tired..."

"I am expected to shut my mouth know my role and be grateful for whatever scraps they throw me..."

"...I will not dance unless I hear music, nor let someone piss on my head and tell me it’s raining..."

"...a league that preys on the dreams of young men, then holding them and their talents hostage until they submit to a position of powerlessness..."

He paints quite the dystopian vision. I'm guessing he will not be on the cover of the Argos' 2018 media guide.

It will be curious to see if this spreads further weather in just the Argos or between other clubs too.
Similar situation as Wilder only difference is it's 1 year deal plus a 1 year team options which it appears the Argos are doing so.

Though there's always two sides to the story, it's hard to take the one that uses the media as their platform.

Contractually, it does appears the Argos are in the wrong but I think theleague needs to get NFL windows back in some way.

You ticat fans trolling anything Argos lol! 2 players is a mutiny!

Poor snowflakes...

The individual could perhaps be Jim Barker, who has been known to support a player to pursue NFL opportunities. Butler and Argo's agreed on the contract at the time in 2017 - however since then Jim Popp and Marc Trestman are now on board. Wonder if that stands in the way?

A millennial being dramatic? No news there.

But wow overall. Lots of unhappy campers in the Argos camp. Butler is fairly dramatic in some instances, and on other instances (like the practice facilities being unsafe and the Mickey Mouse situation of not having a proper home field or practice facility to consistently use) - I have to agree. It’s bush league. We all were hopeful that moving to BMO was a solution. It now seems the opposite is true and more problems exist because of it.

How can a pro sports team and their players - be so disjointed only 2 months after winning the league championship? Wow.

If I am Ed Hervey, I am on the phone.

No need to cheap out on a very good player.

Impressive read

Good idea. His asking price is only USD 900,000. Let's not be cheap about it, right?

I read up on Butler a bit. As he says, he played parts of 7 seasons in the NFL prior to being taken hostage by the Argos.

I count at least five full seasons from 2009 to 2013, the last of which he was injured in training camp (ACL tear) so presumably got paid for the full year. Looks like 2014 was a partial year with minimal game action, but he probably got practice roster money at least, while in 2015 he didn't make it out of training camp.

Conservatively speaking, he could have easily made $2.5 million in that time, or perhaps even $3 million. That's more than many people earn in a lifetime, so hopefully he is exaggerating when he implies he is struggling to buy groceries and feed his children.

It looks like no NFL team signed him after he was cut in 2015, nor in 2016. At that point, as he said, he would have been due at least $900k in salary, and he had a serious injury in his past. Every team in the league decided they'd be better off with younger, cheaper, healthier players at his position.

The CFL was likely his last option. Without that year with the Argos, it's hard to imagine him being any more attractive in 2018, three full years out of the game, than he was in 2015, 2016 or 2017. He had a great start to the season in 2017 with Toronto, then missed another 6 games due to injury. Apparently he feels that experience makes him more valuable in the NFL now, at age 30 (31 by the start of the season), than he was at age 28.

He may be hoping that the NFL scouts do not read the part of his article where he expressed concern that he would soon be "too old, too broken, too tired" to play football. That can't be a great selling point for a guy with his history trying to make a comeback.

Either way with Butler or Wilder, not a good week for my Argos.

Whenever there’s a CBA negotiation, the players want more of the pie but still expect the teams/league to have money for professional stadiums and practice facilities, pay for their housing and food, etc.

American players don’t care about this league - that’s the truth. Butler could be making $300,000 right now and have access to all the pro facilities, best living accommodations and gourmet meals and would STILL be looking to get out of his contract if a sniff at the NFL arised.

Butler - as well as Wilder Jr - were essentially done with football and would have to work a regular job if not for the CFL/Argos. Their ONLY paying football option was the CFL. If they wanted the opportunity, they were required to sign a two-year deal or the opportunity would go to someone else.

They knew what they were doing and signed the contract. They have no one to blame for their current predicament but themselves.

On the other hand......

Teams don’t honour the contracts they have with players, cutting them whenever it suits them to avoid bonus payouts or because they feel the player’s performance deserves a lesser/ reworked contract.

Something has got to give.

What Butler is saying about the practice facilities and expensive housing is bang on.
The current CBA is horrid as the association sold out the players during the last TV contract.
The cap has to increase substantially and maybe to include a franchise player exemption?