Argos v Stamps

I can't believe how apathetic this forum has become. Nobody even has the interest to create a game day discussion thread for last year's Grey Cup rematch between two teams currently at, or near, their divisions?

As expected, sadly the 100th GC win has done little to revive interest in Toronto. Couldn't have asked for a better ending to last year .

and I can't believe how apathetic Torontonians are!!!

So why didn't YOU create a gameday discussion???? or were waiting for someone else to create it?
Typical Toronto fan you were waiting for that Ticat fan to begin a game day discussion.
How about the apathetic Toronto fans that failed to show up last night to watch their Grey Cup champs!!!

Congrats to the Stamps for the victory, they got to Ray and forced him out of the game, good clean solid hit. Collaros wasn't ready for sure.

The Argos are toast in that baseball stadium, they need a new one. No one should go to games any more in that stadium, put the pressure on to get a new one built. Braley and Cohon really want a team in Toronto so the less people at the games, the more pressure it puts on them to get a new facility built, a football specific facility.

I refuse to go to Skydump. When Ottawa comes in next year I'll go to the new Lansdowne rather than waste my money on an Argo home game. When they get a new stadium I'll go back.

I guess Ray must be a puss for not finishing the game.

Brilliant take, LOL. You don't think throwing shoulders are kinda important for a QB? Almost as important as hands are to a LB...because players always tackle with their hands instead of wrapping up with their arms, right?

It would appear that the sarcasm in your post went sailing far over his head, 3downhound.