Argos v Montreal

First place in the East up for grabs. A Montreal win pretty much clinches the division for the Als.

Ahmad Carroll benched again this week in favor of TJ Williams...just have to shake my head at this senseless personnel decision making fir the Argos. Williams got burned a few times in the last game he stepped in for Carroll...if #23 gets isolated in coverage this week it's going to be a problem for Toronto.

I'm keep my expectations low for the Argos in this one. I only ask that the video review idiots don't ruin the game like they did last night.

Facemask??????????????????????????????? :roll:

Here we go AGAIN!

Stupid penalties continue for Toronto. 15yd facemask gives Montreal a first down instead of punting from their 20yd line. Missed tackle by Marcus Ball and it's 7-0 Montreal.

That was no facemask. I want whatever that official is smoking. The poor tackling on defense and lack of finish in the red zone is all Argo.

Yikes Ray is down in comes that veteran jackson

Lord. This better not turn into a blowout. :?

It is amazing that Montreal and Calivillo can get off to a fast start every game. Hopefully the Toronto D can follow the suite of the previous two teams defenses where they settle in after Montreal' s fistrs couple of scores and begin controlling the ball and keep them out of their rythm and off the field

So what do you call that? 15 yards for hair pulling? :lol:

A hair tackle is their arule in the book about hair tackles ?

If that guy got his hair cut then he won't have it pulled.

haha hair tackles are legal by rule

They picked up the flag??????????

They actually did the right thing???????

The Argos should just go home now, un friggin believable

Well, regardless of the relative merits of Williams and Carroll, it’s McCollough who’s getting embarassed so far . . .

Phantom penalties, dumb penalties, poor tackling, poor coverage, no offense.............

I'm not wasting my time on this garbage, Argos lose, I'll come back for the 2nd half of the double header.

You guys can feed me the score I'm going to watch the Aussie Rules Preliminary finals.

Toronto defence getting steamrolled - - here's an idea for Chris Jones: keep your starters in and leave the backups (Kuale and Lee) on the bench. Calvillo will pick them apart with no pressure.

I wonder what the stats are for opposition penalties against Toronto. I would bet you it is the lowest of any team in the league. I really think the officials love the Argos!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

The Argos will stick to the game plan with Jackson in that is why they have him

The phantom face mask to start the game was all I needed to see. The Argos take more than enough legit penalties they don’t need the officials making up any.

Go Swans Go!!!

Sorry, wrong game.