Argos V. Bombers - week 4

Terrell Parker out of the season with a torn ACL. Ian Wild is probably the next man up in that spot. Hopefully he can show as well as the backups have on the Dline.

Desia Dunn out for a couple weeks with a hamstring issue, easier to replace with Sears ready to come back on.

Hopefully Turner is cleared to return.

Kackert has been ineffective the last couple weeks but remains dangerous. Ray also remains a threat. Their D hasn't helped them out, giving up big passing and rushing yards the last couple of weeks. Then again, I said the same thing about the Ticats as our opposition last week. Hopefully this time we can take advantage of a struggling D rather than giving them a boost like we did for the Ticats.

Any changes for the Argos? They added a Dlineman today but I think they are coming in relatively healthy.

Parker out for the year is unfortunate; looked like he was picking things up fairly quickly and was going to be a good one. Really need to at least split these two home games coming up to avoid having to dig out of a huge hole again this year.

Losing Parker there hurts, he was having a pretty good season. Another newbie comes in, more inexperience. I didn't think Wild was that great in TC, hopefully he's a quick study. Having Sears back is nice, we'll need him to step up with some big hits right away. I'd like to see Turner back, but Anderson has to stay on - the guy has been fantasic. Did Gilmore just lose his job?
I'm guessing Edwards will be back? Poblah should be ready to go as well, should he take Kohlert's spot?
If we are to win this game none of these guys matter as much as Buck. He has to play at least an average game for us to win.

....How about this little Woods guy...I wonder if he'll get into the lineup in this one....I'd like to see a returner that 'could' make big things happen....Hope we see him soon... :roll:

I'm not sure Gilmore just lost his job. Anderson though may have pushed himself onto the roster full time. He can play tackle and end and the way they like to rotate guys in on the line to keep them fresh that versatility could come in handy. Frankly I think they've found quite a few quality guys on the line as Frazier, Davis, and Harris have all shown they can play. This group is really, really strong.

Agreed letsgoblue about the loss of Parker. The guy was light years ahead of where he was when he got into games last year, his hard work was really showing on the field. Huge loss and tough break for him. And Wild didn't really distinguish himself in camp from what I saw and read but was good enough to get a PR spot. I don't think they really had too many options there. They signed a NI LB today but there's no way I see them starting two NI in the LB core. I think we'll see a move to find another import LB, at the very least for depth purposes.

Sounds like Denmark could be benched for Doug Pierce, another tall target. Now if only we could complete some throws....

So sounding like Burke and Crowton have realized that the "protect Buck at all costs scheme' isn't working and they're gonna take the reins off. Amen to that. Doug Pierce has been told he's starting. Guessing he's in for Denmark.

Wouldn't surprise me either if Swiston is in for Morley.

Gotta say, if the above is true, I'm happy they are making these changes, and that it's only gonna be week 4.

Typical Bombers last week - lose a winnable game that could put them in sole possession of first. Well we still have a chance to stay (tied at least) for first with a win on Friday. It was nice to get that rare road win a couple weeks ago, but we have to be strong at home. It would suck to start off 0-2 there. It will be loud again, and that should help the D. Different QB altogether in Ray who usually has a great game against us. The completions will be there, hopefully not too many hurt us.
I agree that Anderson will stay on in the rotation, he's just quickly climbing up my current favorite list with Washington & Sears. Watch him next game - doubled teamed and still gets a push, quick downfield to chase a play, his motor doesn't quit. :thup: 44 will become a popular jersey again I think 8)

Offense, If Buck was still getting hit a lot with the protect him at all costs strategy, what happens when they take that away? I agree with everyone in that for Buck to be successful he has to adlib. But that also comes at a cost, usually a thunderous hit. Bottom line he has to play better, he has to look for more than 1 receiver, he has to be more aware of the rush, he has to disguise plays better. Our receivers need to help out more too.
I'm looking forward to this game, first time I'll watch IGF on TV. 2 more days!

.....Nobody talking about Woods???? Is he being kept under wraps as our new secret weapon :lol: ...Field position is a great part of this game...If your kickers can't accomplish that a few nice returns can turn the field in a hurry...Not saying this guy is the answer but I'd sure like to see what he brings...I know it'll affect the ratio BUT he may be worth a shot...I know our D will play well and IF our offence can start with decent field position, instead of mired on our 20 yd. line, that'll be a dif. maker.... Our offence needs all the help in can get...Getting on top of those stupid penalties on returns will help as well...Hello Craig Dickensen .. :roll:

I agree, field position has hurt us the last few years, particularly last game. Kickers need to pull up their socks too.

Dan West injuring Cory Watson in practice today. Still no news on if/when Poblah will be ready. Reporters on twitter suggesting Brett Carter could get in the lineup if Watson is no go.

Cvetkovic out, looks like Fitzgerald comes on in his spot and likely handles the long snaps.

Chris Matthews doubtful for the Argo game as well. Edwards still no go. Maybe Denmark stays in the lineup and Pierce replaces Matthews instead. Isaac Anderson stays in Edwards' spot.

Game day cannot come soon enough. New injuries every day this week.

Haven't heard about Morely getting replaced but I remember talk about them not being happy with him going back at least to mid last season. I wouldn't be surprised if he lost his job at some point.

Things have been quiet about Woods, though how quickly they moved him onto the 46 suggests to me that he will make his debut sooner than later.

Who would have thought it possible that Pierce would be healthy and everyone else injured? Let's hope the team bus doesn't run over Simpson's foot on the way to the stadium......

Correction, looks like they are reporting Ian Wild will do the long snapping in addition to playing LB.

....What the hell is going on ...Injure your own guy at practice....Geezers...I'm telling you if I were Burke I'd have that guy on the carpet... Watson, our best blocker... now most likely out. This team is full of snake-bites and not to mince words...seems to have some dummies on the field as well as the dummies used for tackling... Just B.S...I hope we can fill the void on offence ..cuz this one hurts.. :x :x :thdn:

Brett Carter officially signed and on to the 46, I doubt they would do that and put him on the 4 man reserve so I would guess he's in the lineup. Good luck to him.

Surprised Edwards comes back on to the 46 as it sounded like his shoulder is not ready for him to play, so I'd guess he gets put on the 4 man unless something changes drastically over the next day or so.

No other surprises. Morely still listed as starter ahead of Swiston.

Every year we go through this injury bug, hopefully we get it out of the way now. I hate the season enders though (Parker). All the last minute changes don't bode well though. Hopefully we get 1 more big play than they do.

.....Quite a transition for Mr. Carter....I hope he does well if and when he hits the field...He looks really good at practice BUT there's probably a few argos waiting to welcome him to the big leagues and I hope we're not rushing him...He's a find alright and I wish him the best of luck tonight... :thup:

So it looks like we are down 2 starting Dlineman, and 2 starting linebackers on D (although Dunn wasn’t really a “starter”), as well as having Watson, Mathews, Poblah out and forcing Edwards to play early.
Good thing we didn’t play any starters in the preseason :?

Edwards, Kowalczuk, Woods and Volny are scratches tonight.

Was that Poblah on the sidelines there? Man did he look out of shape. :thdn:

C. Muamba victim on both TD's. :thdn: