Argos v Bills???

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Good find Mark! Rex Ryan sounds like a bit of a character that's for sure.

Would be fun to see!

Probably Larry Tanenbaum and Rex and/or Pegula having a chat over a few brews. :wink:

He did not list all the games played, Washington Redskins and the Argos played at least twice, not sanctioned by either league, and they played cfl rules one half NFL rules one half, Argos won 1 of the 2 games. I have a book that covers all this, will look for it

Very cool...from a fan's standpoint would be fascinating to see. How did it work in the old days? Seems like today CFL season is in full swing while NFL camps just start. So timing would be off.

Would love to see something like this. Unfortunately with the current CFL/NFL schedule it will never happen.

If it was possible I like the idea of CFL rules in one half and NFL rules the other.

What field would they play on though?

How awesome would it be if there was a home and away series. One week in canada on a canadian field with canadian rules. One week in the states on an american field with american rules.

Even gives the teams a week to prepare their playbooks for the different games.

Only time i see it happening is CFL training camp while NFL OTA's are going on.

Even then theres about a 1% chance of it happening. Would be awesome to watch though. Id buy a ticket.

I don't think it would be awesome at all it would be chaos.
You are right though, what field would they play on how many players on the field?
It's not like you could play a half by CFL rules and a half by NFL rules, they would have to switch fields/stadiums at half time.

The only way they could do it to avoid chaos/confusion would be to play by NFL rules since most CFL players have at least played 4 down football. None of the NFL players would have played 3 downs. None of the NFL players would have played on a bigger field with TWO extra players and the motion and the one foot in bounds, no fair catch, single point, confusion, the goal posts at the front etc. The biggest problem would be up front, the bigger, stronger, faster, NFL "D" linemen facing mainly CIS linemen that don't have that yard separation?

It will never happen. Just stick to the Junior/amateur football tournaments. Even the world cup of football is played with 4 downs and the Canadian amateur teams seem to play competitively.

The last time an NFL team faced a non-NFL team (not counting the old pre-merger AFL) was in 1969 when the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Huntsville (AL.) Hawks of the Continental Football League 55-0 in the pre-season. The Falcons and Hawks had a player development agreement as did many NFL and ContiFL & Atlantic Coast FL teams at the time; such agreements have since been outlawed by NFL rules. (Which is too bad... I wish the NFL would start a player development league and each team would have a farm club. I'd also like to see the CFL do the same thing, and develop CIS talent with them, including of course the quarterbacks that never seem to get an opportunity in the CFL.)

I think a 2 game set Bills vs. Argos one under Canadian rules in Toronto and one under NFL rules in Buffalo would be very cool. Some nice publicity for the CFL and at least a fresh talking point angle for the media for the NFL, which already gets all the free North American publicity it needs. (Or play the games in successive seasons if a 2 game set In one season doesn't work.)