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Coach Milanovich - Nov. 12

Who was the numbskull reporter who asked Milanovich if Kackert was going to be the Dispersal Draft?

Time and place,dude...


Argos head coach Scott Milanovich addressed the media following the final practice of the week, and he likes what he sees leading into Sunday's East Final.

What else could he say???

No Robert McCune for the Argos tomorrow. Shane Horton, who is listed at 215 lbs, takes over at middle linebacker.

WOW! If true, Gable et. al. should get 100+ yards up the middle.

WOW !!!!! It keeps getting better and better.(Kackert ) ITs TRUE :rockin:

BREAKING NEWS.................................

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost

RT @TSNScianitti: Jalil Carter, who has been starting at DB for the #Argos most of the season is out too, replaced Neiko Thorpe #Ticats

Not something to get cocky about, the Argos are still dangerous, especially on offence.

Yup. Cats have been beaten by second-stringers before.

No one is getting cocky, but it sure can't hurt when 3 of there starters are out.

I would not be surprised to see faster Horton in on Lefoevour packages to spy him and Yurichuk with plenty of CFL MLB experience play on the regular Burris offense to be in charge of the defnsive calls.`


Also not on the roster is evan mcolluogh #28 who we once had ourselves

Wow, losing McCune is big. He practised all week too. I don't think they have a guy who can step in and replace him like Norwood could for Kackert. Not that Norwood is as good Kackert but at least the drop off is manageable. Losing McCune bodes well for Hamilton.

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I assume you mean Ricardo Colclough, #28 for the Argos

Evan McCoullough, #2 for the Cats, is listed as a starter

Argos' update:


Argos Update:


:lol: :lol:

Did everybody see that fat lady sing? OMG she was loud and she said "Its over and the Argos suck" :smiley:

This just in to the sports desk....

The Argos SUCK!!!