Argos up for sale?

According to Stephen Brunt of the G & M the Argo owners are looking at unloading the team. This has been rumoured for a while but now it is starting to come out in the open. Howard has apparently stopped putting money into the team, so that is the beginning of the end IMO.
They have been good owners IMO. Just have had some bad decisions made by or for them the last couple of years.
The CFL needs the Argos, although some fans don't seem to think so, but they're the kind that can't see the forest for the trees.
Hopefully, someone will step up, not just for the Argos, but for the good of the league.

Somebody with the commitment of a David Braley hopefully.

Geez with Rita and Mohns in management, maybe they could sell the Team to Loonie Glieberman and nickname them “The Three Stooges”.

I am thrilled to see them go. Hopefully they will find a buyer that will let the GM run the team. The Argo Owners are the most unethical bunch we have ever had! Without re hashing the long list of terrible things they have done, lets just leave it with what they did to Rich Stubler, that takes the cake. Stubler never accepted a head coaching job in his long career, the reason being is that he would only take a HC job if he had full control of all his players. Argos offered him that deal, but then forced him to go with Kerry Joseph at QB against his will. Then when it did not work out, fired him for their mistakes.

David Braley would be AWESOME!!!

They need to get rid of Bart Andrus to win me back, as well as new management. Adam Rita had zero to do with the worst decisions Argos made, but he could have resigned on principal...but hey he has a family etc.

It is hard to figure out the reason for firing Stubler at 4-6 while Andrus at 3-11 is still considered the future of the team.

Here we go again.
But if it is Braley, I couldn't think of a better person.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn`t Stubler still on salary through 2010 ? And Andrus through atleast 2010 ?

Lets say Argos have new management before next spring, why not offer the job to Stubler, and demote Bart to asst towel boy.

SERIOUSLY, why not bring Stubler back

At the very least Rich Stubler should get his old job back, running the defense... The Argos were awesome on the D when he was there. But ya, I would be happy to see him as head coach too.

You know if MLSE was smart (and no one is accusing them of that) they should be the ones to try and buy the Argos or atleast purchase a stake in the team. With the grass field going in at BMO and it looks like TFC could draw 25 000 to the park they could do everything at once including adding the extra seats for TFC and the Argos and moving the seats back to hold a CFL field. If this was done right you could make both TFC and Argo fans happy.

Only one problem with that Pete, it makes too much sense! :thup:

A funny story (or two)...

(Don't quote me on the numbers because I can't remember exactly but...)

I was with a friend tonight and he said that his company signed up to purchase a package of Blue Jay tickets for next year - example : 5 pack / 2 tickets for 5 games. It was part of a corporate promotion. They were promised a bonus for signing up. The bonus came in the mail - 2 FREE tickets to the Bills game at the Roger's center.

They must be having a hard time moving those tickets.


True story... Last year, the night before the game against the Dolphins(?), I was in a gas station and someone came in, offering free tickets to whoever wanted them. The local papers said they papered the house. They were right. Based on my friend's story tonight, it sounds like they are trying to do it again this year.