Argos trying to win their first Vanier Cup

“We haven’t given our fans much to cheer for in the last few weeks, but I think you’ll see a renewed excitement playing in front of our fans,’’ said Jordan Younger.[b]“It’s a great feeling knowing we’re now two wins away from the Vanier Cup, especially around here.?[/b]
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In other news, Ricky Ray and several others won't play on Thursday.

Not surprising because the Ticats are going to "school" them on Thursday!!

There’s no way the Argos will beat McMaster. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd pay BIG money to see Kyle Quinlan punch Brandon Issac, Rickey Foley or Patrick Watkins right in the mouth! (Preferably all three!)

And we know he can do it too!

Quinlan actually did play against that team in a preseason game this year, as you can see here:

Maybe Younger is thinking that because his team doesn't have a good chance of winning the Grey Cup that his team could compete for the Vanier Cup. Have they done their scouting on McMaster? It might be a good idea for them to know what they are up against. :wink: