Argos Training Camp moved to U of York

The Argos just announced that they will hold training camp at the University of York.

Don't you mean York University?

If it is the University of York that the Argos are practicing at - maybe the CFL will beat the NFL to having a team in the UK. Makes for long road trips to play their preseason games though - lol

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I do not know where this "University of York" is that you speak of, but the Argos are definitely holding training camp at York University.

"York University and a relationship with the Argos are a great step in the right direction. with a total facility upgrade for the future thanks to the Pan Am Games at least for Spring training it will be held out of a first class facility.
Now whether the season practice facility can be added to "York University" or if MLSE KIA training center will be able to accomodate the Argos it is looking to be much more of a professional facility that the Argos will be using

I am sure Braley is happy with York accepting the Argos because there is no way Braley would go out of his way to provide the Argos with a permeant place to practice on. I am sure Braley knows someone from the university so he won't have to pony over a dollar to use the place.


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Priceless there GHT. :thup:

I guess I have to give Braley and rudge a little credit they did secure a spot a month in advance of training camp and not there usual wait to the last second and find the crappiest place to practice from.

Nothing wrong with Brakey taking full advanage of his status and networking to get TC at York U. With still plenty of space on the york Campus coming up with a deal to set up shop for regular season training facility would give the Argos and excellent position.
Next season the new stadium and facilites will be up as York U for the pan am games.