Argos trade top pick to Riders...

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...and Williams, Epple, Greenwood and Gore are all locked up by Saskatchewan, Toronto and BC.

Wonder who the "vet" Canadian is who the Riders are sending to Toronto. Couldn't see the Argos being interested in Clermont after the year he had in 2009.

I'm thinking an o-lineman. If the starting line is Goodspeed-Geno-O'Day-Parenteau/Smith-Bell, then both Rempel and Bates would be expensive backups at 7 and 8 on the depth chart, and you don't need both of them in that role. And, TO could use one.

....some are saying Andy Fantuz????? :roll: :roll: :wink:

Trolling in your own forum, papa?

,,,,just doing a little fishing.....and it looks like i got one on the line :lol: :lol: :lol:

wonder who the player the riders apparently are sending to the argos.

rumors have riders taking shomari number 1. argos taking eppelle 2. bc and argos flipping here with argos taking greenwood at 3 and4.the lions taking gore. 5. stamps prolly gonna take maver here. 6. bombers? im gonna go lb and guess joash gesse, bombers seem high on him :slight_smile:

hopefully we make a trade aswell tho :slight_smile: just would like to see us get some more picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds but yeah right now really... thats the way i see it working out for the draft. top 6 picks

i could also see sisco being taken at #6 after reading an article in todays free press but if i had to guess id guess the blue and gold take gesse due to the fact that neil mckinlay has retired and we just need more canadian depth at the linebacker position than we do at the receiver position.

fantuz? bagg? wonder who the guy is. why would the argos trade for an olinemen when they have murphy,picard,marcoux and will have eppelle by all accounts. im guessing its a receiver.

Because their O-line was, by far, the worst in the CFL last season, that's why.

........Fantuzs' name has been bandied about....could be another vet ni.....take your pick.....Taman is working his magic in riderville already ...I think if it is Fantuz????then Barker is sticking with his needs as was stated earlier....NI....receiver... Taman may have given up too much....Good ol Brenden>>>>>> :lol:

could u imagine tho.. #2,#4, fantuz to the riders for #1 and #8. what a brutal trade. could this be a cap move by the riders? i mean they brought in dorsey,goodspeed,bates,simpson.. these are not guys who are getting paid the league minimum.. durant signed a new deal, could be cap related if fantuz is involved.

Hopefully it's Clermont.

I am surprised and happy at the same about Saskatchewan getting the top pick, least now it's a Western Team with the advantage, at the same time more "rumours" are circulating about possible trades that have been offered and things may change again. I posted on a different post about the Argo's needing help IMMEDIATELY and they are doing exactly that, but still won't be enough for the Boatmen to crawl out of the basement this season anyway's.

just saw on tsn that the player along with 2 and 4 for 1 and 8 is.... k jamie boreham.

So, now I suppose you guys want Taman back eh. :lol:

Mack just traded their #6 pick to Edmonton. Ha!

lol, ya... but he knew he could still get the player they wanted at 9... plus we got an extra pick... HA