Argos trade TJ Heath to Als for Ryan Bomben

Also Argos send 3rd round pick in 2020 for Als 5th rounder of the same year.

Initially was thrilled to get Heath back and one of my son's favourite players but found him undecisplined. We need some help on the OL among other places.

At least it's a much better return than the last time we traded him. It was a low bar to clear.

Interesting trade. Both teams showing their desperation.

The fact Kavis is willing to part company with one of his best canuck o-lineman in order to shore up a flagging secondary is quite telling.

Heath is still near all-star calibre but he's an undisciplined cad - and obviously isn't Marc Trestman's idea of a disciplined soldier.

Guys were in Franklin's face far too fast for him to be effective. Bomben will help out protecting either Smiling Jamie or McLeod.

I like it. When Heath was traded away and play so well in Winnipeg, everyone wondered why we traded him away. Since arriving, his play has been ok, but not as good when in Bombertown.

It's nothing more than shuffling the deck chairs on each Titanic.

Will not be a problem for the Als where taking undisciplined penalties has become the norm over the last few seasons.

Not to mention he has lost more than a step and has been beaten regularly this year on deep balls.

Heath is capable of being a great player. He is also capable of being a me first player who blows off assignments to get the big play and is no a great open field tackler.

There must be reasons why T.J. Heath was a CFL All-Star during the 2 years he was in the League-2016 and 2017-

Reading some, it's as if he's not that good.


He has superb numbers...thus all-star

He is very capable and could be one of the best in the league...but thus far he seems to like straying. In certain schemes where he is there more to read that is great...not so much in a an under or even a 1 O. I believe if he buys into a system he can be great

Richard: If you leave Winnipeg or turn down Walters, expect to be dirtied.

While Heath is not perfect, it is clear Bomben had no interest being in Montreal, so no big loss here and he picks up a draft pick. One of Reed's better trades.

Didn't really pick up a draft pick...traded a 5th round for a 3rd...I also though that Bomben signed with Mtl for another year....I could be thinking of someone else though

Bomben signed a new contract June 21

[tr][td]June 21[/td]
MTL ADD NAT Ryan BOMBEN (OL) Guelph – New Contract[/td]

Heath has had a bad return with the Argos, as not only has his play deteriorated he has taken some stupid penalties and clearly was in the Trestman dog house.
To pick up Bomben a Canadian that was a steal as giving us the much ratio changer.

Guess he did not have an issue staying with Montreal for this season and next.

3rd round is solid, the fifth going the other way is conditional to the Als extending Heath.

That does not mean they extended the contract. Could be they put in an escape clause, could be extra money, could be a number of things.


There are no conditions to the exchange of draft choices.

Unless it was a restructured 2018 deal.