Argos Trade Talbot to Eskimos

According to, the Argos have traded wide receivers Andre Talbot and Brad Smith to the Edmonton Eskimos for defensive tackle Eric Taylor and a conditional 2011 draft pick:

I'm betting their next move is a trade for Buck Pierce and no not just because Braley now owns them lol

I'm guessing they'll probably also make a move to sign Jeff Garcia

Adam Rita at his idiotic best. Two Canadian receivers for an import lineman and a draft pick. Talbot was too outspoken for Rita.

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I wonder if Jordon Younger will re-appear in the CFL ?

An outright release. :o

I have always liked Talbot and think a player of his calibre will be much happier in the city of champions than he ever was in boatman land.

Best of luck to him in Edmonton.

Talbot missed the majority off last season with a injury, If healthy the E.E,s won this trade, Unless the Argo,s think Smith can fill Talbot's spot.then they gained a DT.

??? The Argos traded Smith, who is awful. He won't make it out of Edmonton's training camp. Maybe you're thinking of Bradwell or Scott?

They also gained a good DT and a draft pick in a very good draft year. Like you said, the winner/loser will come down to how Talbot's season goes.

Talbot is a "system" guy. Sort of like Paul Massotti was. Take a receiver like him out of the system and they are not as potent. I hope Edmonton has a/the game plan for him.

Have to disagree on this. Masotti had four straight 1,000-yard seasons and they were under three different head coaches and four different offensive coordinators. Talbot has never had 1,000 yards in any of his nine seasons. Masotti's not a guy whose success hinged on the system he played in. Not sure whether Talbot is or isn't, because he has had a succession of offensive coordinators and systems, and some of them were awful yet he still produced decently over the last few years (except last year when he was injured virtually all season).

A player of his caliber should not be running his mouth. You get that right when you work at your game as hard as a Cahoon or Fantuz does.

The system for Masotti was Doug Flutie. With Doug, great. Without, average. I'd say that was quite a hinge. O-Corordinators didn't change much with Doug behind centre. Doug knew how to play his game and you don't change that.

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I can't say I was really surprised," Talbot told The Canadian Press. "And to be honest with you, I'm kind of quite happy with it. It's just been such a negative environment around here for the past couple of years, and I was finding it hard to be motivated to be a part of this organization anymore."

Not something you like to hear but he also said:

"Obviously, change is necessary for the Argo organization right now," Talbot said. "And I think change is also necessary for me right now."

It was an awkward way of stating it but it seems to me Talbot regretted leaving but was happy to be free of the mess that the Argos were in the past few seasons

Talbot will have Ricky Ray throwing him the ball this season as opposed to 'Old Man' Joseph, 'Wannabe' Reeves and Neverwillbe' Pickett.

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^^^^ I doubt any of those guys will be their starter come opening day, Joseph will be cut and they'll probably trade for Jackson or Pierce 2 horribly average overrated qb's or they'll try and sign Jeff Garcia.

Masotti was great with Flutie, but he had two 1,000-yard seasons before Flutie got to Toronto and he excelled with Kerwin Bell at QB after Flutie left. I completely agree that Flutie ran his own show, but Masotti was very good before Flutie got there and was still good after he left. So I don't agree that Masotti's success was all about the system, as suggested in the earlier post.

Agree… disagree… Meh.

What is all this talk about Jeff Garcia? Did he express any interest in returning to the CFL?

^^^^ no but he still wants to play football, i'm sure he'd consider it.