Argos Trade Nick Arbuckle to the Elks

You may be right. We may be 'all in' on Collaros. No safety net for us. :roll_eyes:

I remember tossing in the towel in 2019 October 09 say about 3:40 ET

I was working in Regina that day listening to Rod Peterson on C.O.R.N. radio, when they announced the (now CFL shaking) trade for none other than...........wait for it............

Zach Collaros.

Saskatchewan lost their $hi+, falling down laughing.

And it turned out nice again.............

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Thanks Cactus. :grin:

Someone who might take a shot at the CFL for not much money?

Maybe Toronto are trying a "strategy" (term used loosely) of filling their QB quota on the cheap and praying it somehow works out, so they can spend on other positions?

I also notice Cole McDonald is on the practice squad. Maybe Kelly is just QB competition fodder in training camp, with MBT as the starter and whoever the "winner" is of Pipkin, Cole Mc and Kelly (if he even turns up) as backup.

May as well give him a chance, covid seasons a wash. The teams turned into a joke

Maybe Chris Jones is going to Edmonton , to, he’s just sending the pieces there ?

Pour l'instant, je ne pense pas que Jones a présentement un grand mot à dire en ce qui concerne les joueurs offensifs qui partent de Toronto et ceux qui restent. Et après le coup de chien qu'il a fait à Edmonton, je ne crois pas qu'ils sont prêts à le réengager de sitôt. Si j'étais un dirigeant d'équipe, je ne serais pas pressé de lui confier un tel poste. La loyauté n'est pas son fort.

Not likely. There are still shoot this man on sight signs out for him.

Besides he's a good coach and terrible GM.

If he had not done what he did when he left and gone to any other team he might still have a chance because every other team in the league has some sense of right and wrong.

Oh well, it was funny watching everyone in Saskatchewan hailing him like a hero and their bitterness and disappointment when he wasn't.

If I recall correctly, Everyone in Sask was very Nonchalant about his hiring, and even less disappointed when he left. The disappointment was that he signed on, and as such signed his assistance, who the team was then forced to keep, because of the newly Implemented Operations cap on spending.

Well however it is, I wouldn't be disappointed if he stayed where he is.

I just know that he won't be any better than anyone else will with a guy who never played the game at collage level.

I had a school friend that was pitching at a AAA level in high school. I asked him once about the biggest difference between A, AA and AAA ball. He said the speed of the game. He said it was the hardest thing to adjust to because everything happened so much faster on every step.

It's like where the Elks offence has been all season. Just not quick enough consistently to cause the opposition problems.

Regina fans were ecstatic when the Rider braintrust gave Ego Jones full control of the franchise and every title imaginable. Especially because he left Edmonton high and dry when he skipped town to join Regina.

As I’ve explained numerous times, Ego Jones is a mediocre football coach.

His asinine schemes have some success in the CFL because the overall coaching talent is atrocious, but in a league like the NFL or even the NCAA, his schemes would be a laughable failure.

The ONLY reason Ego Jones got an NFL job was because his oafish buddy Fat Fred Kitchens handed it to him.

As expected, Ego Jones was a catastrophic failure at the NFL level and was out of the league as a coach after just ONE (1) season.

Yes, Pipken is a much better compliment to MBT.

The 3rd round pick coming back to the Argos now becomes a 2nd.

Yes we now can start speculating who the 11th over all pick might be.


Duplicity, doubtful, desperation, most likely.

Close but when you play three games in 7 days you need a few spares...

I am worried about player safety, despite the extra players they can put into these games, they do still run the risk of getting seriously hurt

But these guys are in excellent shape and professionals. How many actually play 60 minutes of football? the offense probably on the field for 20 minutes a game and it's not like they are running and being hit or hitting for that time.
Defense might be on the field longer, depending on the team.
A lot of standing around

You really must have no real idea if what is done to a human body during a football game at that level of play. Why do you think it is only ONE game per week. In pro football.

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Gotta agree with that. This isn’t hockey or soccer. In the pantywaist NHL clean hits are no longer allowed and those who make them are subject to retribution. If that was the norm in football there would be 12 fights every play. These guys get hit hard and at all angles and sometimes by two people at once and by much larger people than in any other sport.