Argos Trade Nick Arbuckle to the Elks

After Friday's game I can't see why a team battling for first place in the east would look like sellers? What do the Elks have to gain here.

I guess it depends on what the return is but MBT is one bad hit away from this season being done.



Hard to figure this trade out without knowing what is coming back.
Arbuckle is a free agent at the end of the season
Maybe a futile attempt by TOR to get under the Cap


I would have liked the upgrade to be 1st rounder if he extends. But that's me being greedy.

Wonder who this neg list player is

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Arbuckle is trying to break Kevin Glenn's record of the # of CFL teams.
CGY, OTT, TOR, EDM in 2 seasons


Other than Dave Naylor, I can't find any news on the Arbuckle trade??


I wonder if the coaching staff just has more confidence in Pipkin than they do in Arbuckle at this point. I'm not sure why that would be, but the trade really doesn't make much sense otherwise.

Unless maybe Arbuckle has become a distraction to the team because he wants to be starter . . . ?

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If they get immedate help in return... My guess is there is an American Running Back who can't block and likes to exhibit himself heading the other way LOL

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Chad Kelly is the player the Argos were eyeing

Mr. Irrelevant in 2017 and a couple of off field issues in his short career consisting of paying 1 down over the span of 2 teams. What do they see in him?


Well today was the trade dead line for the CFL season. This trade has been rumoured for a while, Argos probably held off until the last to see what they could squeeze out of Edmonton like they did with Winnipeg and Collaros. The Argos continue their record of providing the league with QB's. Lol Salary may have been one of the factors, but the fact Pipkin is a better runner and has a stronger arm than Arbuckle probably factored into the trade as well. IMO


Not smart by the Argos. They have a legitimate chance to win the east, host a playoff game and play for the GC. If McBeth goes down, they throw it away just to save 4 weeks of QB salary?

Either they're that dumb or there's something else about Arbuckle that we don't know about.

This also speaks volumes about Edmonton's motives. They supposedly moved Harris because Cornelius was their guy. I guess he's not really their guy, at least not yet. Duplicity anyone?

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At least Elks did not move off of Harris without a backup plan. Sure this trade was in the works for a while.

Now Arbuckle has to compete with guys like Zach, BLM, Rielly & Fajardo...It's gonna be tough..but he does have decent recievers with the Elks.


The trade deadline is tomorrow Oct 27 ET.

You may be correct, this may just be a rouge by Toronto, Re: Collaros, perhaps Toronto is pressuring Winnipeg to bite on a deal, to attain a CFL starting QB just before trade deadline is closed. ...or not

Pat Lynch. (the cool dude)

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He has 3-4 games to prove his worth to the Elk before becoming a free agent

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Right - I think Walters & O'Shea are rolling the dice w/ MOP Collaros + Saggy Sean McGuire . . . . I suspect Argos took the Elks offer because it provided a conditional draft pick and that pick will be at least 4 or 5 picks ahead of any Winnipeg pick.

Bombers would have had to go to a 2nd round pick (conditional 1st rounder) + a selection from their neg list if they had wanted to get serious in the Arbuckle auction!

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I would pull the trigger on that trade in a heartbeat. Getting a legit backup who COULD step in and steer the Bombers to a Cup victory would be worth the expense. Do it Kyle! :smiley: :+1:

Toronto braintrust must have really hated what they saw from Arbuckle.

That’s the only explanation for going all in on a mediocre 33yr old journeyman like Bethel Thompson.

Chad Kelly is a complete nut job. He’s a poor man’s John Manziel.

The Arbuckle ship has sailed . . . same with Trev Harris.
Only experienced QB left in the boatyard is a 34 yr old hobo-tosser named Matt Nichols.
I suspect the Bombers have been fully apprised on Nichols injured wing and feel that McGuire is a better bet should Collaros go down.
Nichols has more experience but Bomber o-line is starting to show cracks with Eli in for Hardrick and a sluggish giant Neufeld patrolling the outside (OT). Collaros has been barely able to get some tosses off before being contacted - Nichols would be dead meat. McGuire not much better to be honest.

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Calgary got a 1st rounder when they traded Arbuckle's rights to REDBLACKS

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That deal's got 'Hufnagel' written all over it. He's a smart GM. His time spent with Cal Murphy in the 1990's might've had some influence on his management style. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: