Argos trade for DT KHALIF MITCHELL!

That improves the D. Big time! Him and Huntley are gonna rack up the sacks this year.....hopefully.

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what a mixed blessing. My number 1 team gets rid of a despicable thug, only to have him go to another team I cheer for.

lol the B.C. Argos make a deal with the T.O. Lions.....great trade for both clubs...even though it has a slight taint to it... ...ooops got the name of the teams'd think they had the same owner or something... :lol:

This is telling:

[i]Andrew Harris ?@andrewharris33 3m

Good riddance!!!! [/i]

this does seem like an all around good trade for both parties...TO rather needed a DT and is sitting a little heavy at DE. BC needed to shore up DE. TO got the edge in ready to go performer, but who knows what the negotiation lister is.

That said, this deal was clearly done over the phone, and not in person or video conference, because there is no way Wally would have been able to wipe the sh!te eating grin off his face during it...honestly, as good as Mitchell is, the headaches he created last season has to be a relief to be done with and actually get something out of it. Some of the moves he pulled were arguably worthy of banning (but at least he got the longest suspension in CFL history), but what made it worse was zero remorse and blatantly saying he did nothing wrong...step up and say, yeah, I messed up...then it would likely be water under the bridge. He doesn't even qualify for dirtiest player in the CFL...there is a category all to his own.

I do hope that a change in scenery will make these types of actions a thing of the past. I'm not going to hold him to it though out of fear he will attempt twisting my arm off.


Wally and the coaching staff (likely along with half the team) must be in shock...they bought that bottle of champagne to celebrate this move 7 months ago, but never honestly thought they would be able to open it.

I wonder how much arm twisting it took to make this deal happen? :wink:

No brainer with the short fix at DT last year with a top NFL prospect in Arnstead they needed another star to replace a star. Headache yes in BC great football player also yes. BC also very loaded at DT. For the Argos a roster DE import prospect and a neg list guy. Jones uncovers these type of players every season.
A headache loss for BC yes but for a for sure football talent Toronto by far got the better end fomr the now 2013 season in which Ricky Ray and the offense have now have full grasp on this offence.

I heard the original asking price for Mitchell was an arm and a leg.

As an Argos fan, I definitely have mixed feelings about this deal.

Many Rider fans feel the same with Anderson

Oh life can be a bummer sometimes FYB can't it? :rockin:

My wife and I had the opportunity to speak with Khalif on a more personal level than one normally gets. There is a side to Khalif that is as gentle as a teddy bear. It isn't for show, it is just in his nature. There also appears to be a confused side where he lacks good judgment. Some of the stuff I saw Khalif pull off confused me after getting to know the man. His behaviour on the field was inconsistent with some of the things he purports to stand for. For me Khalif needs to learn to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. He is old enough and mature enough to know this.

His athleticism did a lot for the club. And he was well paid. His attitude hurt both his image and the image of the Lions and CFL. Hopefully he has his act together when he starts playing for Toronto. No team needs a loose canon that cannot control his emotions. Khalif will be able to bring a lot the Argo's D if he can control himself.

I am not sad to see him go but I'm not rejoicing either. Hopefully this opportunity will give Khalif a fresh start to erase the reputation he has earned thus far.

I wish him well.

well beagle, that is the problem when there is someone with mixed the heat of a game there is a lot of adrenaline and emotion. Conflicts and baggage are often amplified. You see a lot more of this in junior ranks, because it simply isn't filtered out of thee system, there is not the counseling aid, and you are dealing with more kids fresh from bad situations. Unfortunately some of those issues don't get resolved and a talented guy comes through.

It is a fine line between using your emotions and adrenalin or them using you.

From the Vancouver Province:

“Good riddance.?

The details of the trade that sent Khalif Mitchell to the Toronto Argonauts Tuesday were summed up in a little over two paragraphs of official press release language by the B.C. Lions.

The unvarnished version was summarized in two words in a tweet by a former teammate, Andrew Harris, and just so there was no mistake, the tailback made it clear in a subsequent phone interview the CFL team indeed acted responsibly, in his view, by dumping a third member of the best defence in franchise history last year.

B.C. received a fellow defensive lineman, 29-year-old reserve import Adrian Awasom, and an undisclosed defensive back with NFL experience with the St. Louis Rams who had been on the Argos’ negotiation list. For the Lions, getting any player for Mitchell was similar to the day they received a draft pick and practice roster player from Saskatchewan two months ago for Geroy Simon.

Mitchell, on the other hand, left with as many issues as when general manager Wally Buono signed him three seasons ago as a castoff of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, confused about a deal he didn’t see coming as he was angered.

[b]“I told Wally in his face that if he ever traded me you might as well get a new offensive line, because I’m going to go to a team that’s going to kill you,? Mitchell said after discussing the deal Tuesday with coach Mike Benevides.

If the 27-year-old tackle had his way he’d line up this year with the Calgary Stampeders, who the player claimed had interest in him. Instead he’ll complete the option year of his contract on a depleted Argos defensive front, and will supply an instant storyline for the Lions’ home season opener July 4 against Toronto.

"I don’t want to burn a bridge [in Toronto], but I’m trying to figure things out and ask for a release,? said Mitchell, who does not have an agent. “What gives [the Lions]the right [to make a trade]? What’s the purpose of calling it an option year? Just call it a we-own-you year. I’m trying to benefit so I can go and whip *** next year. If B.C. doesn’t want me, B.C. should just release me.

“I called Wally twice last week and he never returned [the calls]. We got the same owner [as Toronto]; was this some little under-the-table type thing? There’s a whole bunch of questions I got to ask.?

There’s little doubting the fact Mitchell is in a different place than he was just over a year ago, when he turned his back on the NFL and signed a new contract thinking he’d found peace with the Lions. But if Mitchell changed so did some of his teammates.

“He wasn’t a very good team player,? Harris said when asked if his Twitter comment was directed at Mitchell. “It was always about Khalif.?

And though the Lions said the trade was about changing the rotation on the line to afford a chance for sophomores Jabar Westerman and Brandon Jordan this season, the problem was as much about Mitchell’s tweets too.

Just as they didn’t forget the reasons why linebacker Anthony Reddick was cut after finding no trade takers last week, the Lions never forgot the arm-twisting gesture, throat-slashing move and racial tweet that was largely responsible for Mitchell’s six-game absence last season.

“There’s no doubt that someone’s body of work includes all those things, but it was all about moving on,? said Benevides.

For the Lions, that means taking an equally hard-line stance on another veteran who is as quiet as Mitchell is boisterous.

Left tackle Ben Archibald has been presented with the option of accepting a pay cut or being asked to retire, and as a 34-year-old may be forced to compete at training camp against three younger imports the Lions signed last week.

The club has been negotiating terms of a proposed new deal for several weeks but are prepared to move Jovan Olafioye to Archibald’s spot if the two sides can’t reach new terms.

“From what we know he wants to play,? said personnel co-ordinator Neil McEvoy of Archibald.

So too does Mitchell, only now it’ll be against a team that he thought had warmed to him, some of whom had been workout partners in the Lower Mainland during the off-season.

He ended last season still feeling misunderstood. He’ll start next season mad, if not a tad confused about how the trade process works.

“I just don’t want to go nowhere I don’t get to show B.C. what they lost,? he said.

Better to have with you than against you and will could be a more permanent solution to the DT position as last year they had a one year NFL rental at that spot along with a late addition thug. Certainly much better having Mitchel than the kisssing bandit

Blue Blood, was the comment "good riddance" made by Andrew Harris?

[b]"I don’t want to burn a bridge [in Toronto], but I’m trying to figure things out and ask for a release,? said Mitchell, [/b]
this deal may not turn out well for the Argos with a statement like that from Mitchell.

Yes. Those were his exact words on Twitter. Not sure why he'd want to pour gasoline on the fire. Mitchell will be fired up enough to play the Lions July 4.

There's no question Khalif can be a dominant football player. He was a big reason why BC won the Cup in 2011. His play slipped in 2012 with all the distractions/suspensions. He is actually a very nice guy; somewhat childlike, but there may be some mental health issues at play (I recall an article last year in the paper in which he admitted that he has ADD) that the Argos would be wise to treat.

Rhymes with orange:
I agree with your comments about Khalif. I'm quite disappointed in Andrew Harris. Very disappointed as a matter of fact. I expected him to be more professional and not make those kinds of remarks publicly. I would expect players to appear outwardly neutral, especially when they feel animosity towards a fellow team mate. If someone is going to do the crucifying let it be the media and/or the fans, but not teammates. I make no excuses for Khalif but I think it is inappropriate for one professional [Harris] to diss another publicly whether his sentiments are accurate or not. If anything Harris was disrespecting those who are fans of Mitchell. Regardless, of Mitchell's antics he still has many fans out there.

While others [even others on the team] might agree with Harris I think Harris used very poor judgment. Who knows, Mitchell could end up back in the Lions' den. Strange things can happen in the CFL.

One thing I've admired is how the players will go up to each other after the game and congratulate each other and shake hands. I guess we'll not see much of that between Harris and Mitchell this season.

No kidding.

his quoted rant took away any pity I felt on him. I honestly, after that statement, question his sanity...I mean seriously...I an not saying that as a haha, I honestly question if he is balanced enough that he is not going to intentionally harm someone...I mean, we have seen he is willing to in the heat of the moment in football, and now I question if it goes beyond that. He seriously needs a mental evaluation and some counseling.

If I am a BC O-lineman, he just laid it out there...I took that as a threat. See if you can get a restraining order...That would be funny as H, because then he wouldn't be allowed on the field with you.