Argos trade best kicker in the CFL for "liquored up&quo

The Argos dug under the table to upgrade the QB & PK positions. One out of 2 ain’t bad. TO’s finding out the hard way why the Colts and Cowboys punted Vanderjagt, who missed 3 field goals against the Bombers.

That wouldn’t be so bad except that the Argos traded away the best punter in the CFL, Noel Prefontaine, like he was chump change. So much for rewarding excellence.
A team of mercs will never win the Grey Cup no matter how much they go over the cap to get them.

remains to be seen

They traded (or did they cut) a kicker with a field goal problem, to get another kicker with the same problem, lol. That makes sense.

How did they trade Nick Setta?

The guy was the most accurate kicker in NFL history. Maybe you should give the guy more than one game...?

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:lol: So which was you think Vanderjagt had a drink before the game or at half time. I'm sure Stubler will want to know, which one works.

umm..if u noticed, vanderjagt wasnt the only kicker who missed fieldgoals this week.

sandro missed 2
pre missed 1
mccallum missed 1

Didn’t notice anyone else make a 52 yarder

noone did...pre hit a 54 yarder tho

I think it's good for Prefontaine. He's always been an excellent kicker in my mind, and now coupled with this perceived wrong Toronto did on him may have even more ammunition.

The guys a CFL alum, nice to see him back, especially when he goes 2 for 5. :stuck_out_tongue: