Argos toying with the Cats??

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If it's the Argonauts strategy not to show any of their really good stuff until it counts, then you'd have to agree they've been wildly successful to this point.

For the second game in a row last night against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Argos craftily disguised their game plan to look like a book of blank verse.

That was the most crap I've read in a long time. Excuse paradise. I don't think that they gave 100%, but neither did the 'Cats. CONVINCE OURSELVES THAT WE CAN COMPETE? That is completely pathetic, Toronto fans, Toronto media, they make me so mad. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I wonder if fumbling and dropping wide open passes was part of the gameplan.

Ya ,no way they toy with us ,but you gotta respect their strengths and our new found power football.

Ti-Cats and Argos one/ two in the East !(?) :cowboy:

Well, to be fair, if we had lost two exhibition matches to the Argos that's exactly how we'd be spinning the story to the media. :wink:

Truth is, the story is both perfectly accurate and incomplete. -Neither- team even attempted to play up to their potential for fear of giving something away for next week's game when the outcomes actually count towards our playoff positions at the end of the season.

Having said that, as a Ticat fan, I'm a lot happier today after the Tiger-Cats won than I'd be if they'd lost !

Beauty. Nothing wrong with a little war of words before a big game. For the 2 teams,possibly playing each other 3 times in a row is a bit of a drag. But I'm anticipating the opener all the more because of it.

I heard on the 5th quarter last night that if the Argos and other teams watching tapes of the past two games think they have a read on our offense then according to Paopao there is a whole other bag of tricks that aren't showing.

I agree with Caretaker's theory that neither team showed their best stuff. Why tip your hand before the start of the season. Without using all the plays in the playbooks, I think competent coaching staffs (both teams) can assess player personnel while saving their good stuff for when it counts.
Next week, we should get a better idea of what these two teams really have.

Coach S. was saying last night that in the first ex. game, the Cats only used about 20% of their playbook, and that last night, they only used about 30%. I expect that by opening day, things will look MUCH different on offence, defence, and special teams.

No way were either team playing their "good stuff" last night!

It was tough, it was physical (witness all the injuries!) it was "basic" football, no fancy stuff, but kid yourself not, those guys were playing for JOBS, and there is NO WAY that Pinball or Greg would have told anyone to "let up" on a play, let alone a game!

Next Saturday is going to be a barnburner! (Mind, we've established "dominance", and the Argo's WILL LOSE...but watching it is such entertainment!