argos town hall - 8 march - analysis

do not serve alcohol!! too many drunks in crowd were too loud and blurted out - make a donation to MADD instead -

commish talked far too long far far far too long - he loves the sound of his voice - put me to sleep

coach cc and popp were good as were players wilder and walker

i think argos will see NOT signing BLM as a good thing - they appear to be loaded for bear [woods]

this will be a fun season

Unfortunately Randy turning into a talking machine - trying to cover all his bases - as if his job is always on the line. Not a good thing if you’re worried more about money than our league!

His feeble stance on canadian quarterbacks was the first negative smoke signal I saw. Now some waffle-pussing on the CFLPA, etc.

Randy tries to serve all masters - the reality is the owners own Randy - of that there is no question!

P.S. Since the above was a closed shop Argo’s fan forum - Randy knew he was being watched like a hawk by Argo ownership, GM & other management, let alone the players committed to contracts!

exactly - he is nothing but a shill to owners …
wally buono would have made a much better commish

There is nothing more important to this league’s future than growing revenue. To suggest Ambrosie should focus more on “the league” than where it derives its revenue makes no sense. And the notion that the league would have been better off with a football person as commissioner makes even less sense. The CFL is in a battle for survival in a landscape with four professional leagues that dwarf it and keep growing their revenue streams. Staying level means going backwards, eventually into oblivion.

your thinking is very mba style
produce a great product and the money will flow [nod to frank herbet and his ‘spice’]
how long have argos had 17 yd end zones ? commish did ZERO hoping fans wouldn’t notice
argos have a totally different surface in 1 end zone and players slip and fall - what if it costs a grey cup or playoff game ? again commish has done ZERO hoping we wouldn’t notice what we all saw in person or on tv
these types of things make the cfl look bush league and are more important than and make it harder to ‘growing revenue’

i do like the idea of removing the middle 10 [lengthwise]yds of the field
solves problems but the commish is far too busy droning on about his ‘i have a 2.0 dream’ speech

I agree that Ambrosie has a healthy ego and loves the sound of his own voice (if he prefaces yet another sentence with “Look, …” Grrrr!) but, quite correctly, he is chasing new revenue streams. I have a hard time believing 2.0 is anything more than exporing new markets for broadcast revenue. I don’t think foreign born (non-US) players will make a dent in our league for the foreseeable future, nor do I think Canadians will give much of a crap if they do make a roster (German-Canadians turning out to watch a German football player? Yea, right…), but if Ambrosie can convince these markets to broadcast our games, then we’ll be further ahead.

I do not want this effort to come at the expense of putting together a viable marketing/business plan for franchises in our largest cities, and I want to see the league do a better job of marketing our “world-class” athletes. Nothing but lip service from the big talker Ambrosie on both of these front so far. A little too much cause related virtue-signalling for my liking (gender equality, diversity). Let’s start tackling substantive league issues.

Ambrosie reminds me way too much of PM Trudeau… like way too much.

Well, be thankful Randy doesn’t show up at Town Halls in skinny khaki trousers with his shirt-sleeves rolled up. :slight_smile:

Sounds like your issues are more with Argos management and how they handle the stadium.

Oh, it is. Better get used to it too, all ivan did on argofans was talk about Brandon Bridge, complain about the endzones at BMO, MLSE, and Marc Trestman in pretty much every post. Lead to his banning there, hence why he’s “returned” here lol.

I miss Cohon…

We all miss Cohon. The second best comish the league ever saw after Jake Gaudaur.

Listen, “mac,” any league that does not think like an “mba” is going to lose. Sports is business. As for “produce a great product and the money will flow,” care to address why the CFL almost went out of business in 1987 and 1996, when two of the greatest Grey Cups ever were played and most games were wildly entertaining? Or all the other years when a “great product” did not prevent teams from losing money and in some cases going bankrupt?

If you think that adding three yards to the BMO end zone is going to move the needle on revenue, I’;m sure glad you’re not the commissioner but instead someone who keeps reappearing on fan forums under different names.

if legal fields don’t bother u then i guess u love baseball w/ all its ‘unique’ fields

Ah, so now you’re ignoring the actual question by deflecting to a secondary (extremely secondary in this case) issue. About what I’ve come to expect from you.


very well said. That has been my point all along. Weak commissioner with no real plan.

I think he has a plan, but admittedly I don’t think much of it. I will agree that as of right now Ambrosie is looking like a weak Commish. The new CBA, his CFL 2.0 vision, and if he’s around long enough to negotiate the next media deal will be some of the big tests I suppose.

for anyone who wants to see what was discussed on the march 8th town hall, here is a youtube link.

Remarkable - Randy has lots of hi-filutin’ answers & strategies involving some countries I’ve never heard of - certainly not as far as 3 or 4 down football is concerned.

Yet, the 1 area he might be able to help - ATTENDANCE in continually declining large markets Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal; he isn’t emitting a peep.