argos to wear new 3rd jersey this week

For the first time ever, the Toronto Argonauts will wear a special third jersey in game action as the Boatmen take on East Division rivals the Montreal Alouettes on Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 p.m. The jersey see the Argos return to their true “Double Blue? roots as the light blue jersey will be worn with the dark blue pants, representing the team’s Oxford and Cambridge heritage.

Replica third jerseys are on-sale exclusively at the TBJ store at Rogers Centre.

im so sick of third jerseys ( or in montreals case, 7th jerseys )

sick of third jerseys? What are you saying? with only 8 teams in the league, changing things up makes the game more visually interesting - plus the CFL has to generate revenue anyway possible - they don't have the luxury of an insane Tv contract

i remember seeing an AD on TV for the CFL, and every play that was shown, each team was wearing a different jersey (each team was involved in 3 plays, each one wearing their home, away, 3rd jerseys) haha it was a good idea because it looked like the CFL had about 20+ teams lol.

the jersey looks nice, but not with the pants and socks.

still dont like 3rd jerseys tho.

they look like quebec-city…lol

Actually I dont mind the look of the jerseys. They are a throwback to the 70's, and dont really look as bad as I thought they might.

I don't see what the big deal is about third jerseys either

3rd jerseys were designed to give fans a different look, but too many jerseys in all sports have been god-awful, taking the novelty away. The NHL is a perfect example-- the Kings, Ducks and Canucks had terrible 3rd jerseys. I dont mind the throwback jerseys, that should be done more often, IMO.

I didn't mind Toronto's jerseys tonight.

At least there was some contrast in the jersey. I dont care for the solid blue one.

Generally, I have no use for third jerseys.
But if you're gonna have 'em, the Argos at least looked good in theirs.
I don't mind having retro jerseys as a tribute to the past.
But so many of the third jerseys are purely a marketing device and even worse, are god awful to look at.

The third jersey should have had the boat logo on it, as I still think the "A" logo stinks!

Where's the Argonauts without a boat?
As well, how could you be a boatman without a boat?
Jason and his Argonauts would have gone nowhere without a boat!


Whatever floats your boat...

Third jersey looked awesome, in fact I may even buy one.

I'm not a fan of third jerseys but didn't mind the look of the one Toronto wore, but I agree with others that I would've liked to see a boat logo on it. Anyway, didn't look as bad as I thought it would.

Where's the argos without a QB? about the same place!

I like the Argos third jersey. At least compared to Winnipeg’s, Edmonton’s and Hamilton. Yuk. But to each his own, as the saying goes.
The sales of the new sweater looked to be brisk at the game last night.

The Argo's need the 'football boat' somewhere on the uniform - and I thought the Helmet and shield dude (with the A on the shield) was the sharpest yet - I usually buy all my stuff with that logo