Argos to take a run for Collaros?

I shudder to think of this prospect.
Austin better sign Zack this season or....or.....I will develop a very unpleasant demeanor (even worse than it is now) :x

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@JDunk12 tells @sportsnet960 if @ZCollaros7 makes it to free agency in 2017, #Argos would make a very hard run at him. #CFL

This might come into play:

Zach Collaros @ZCollaros7
I love Hamilton

I think Zack will remain in Hamilton, especially if he has a good 2016 season
and he receives an appropriate contract.
Besides, shouldn't we cross this bridge when we come to it? :frowning:

I expect that Austin and Mitchell have already discussed an extension with a hefty raise and bonus in it for Zach.

Indirect tampering is starting earlier every year.

I thought the same thing. Nice way to let a guy know that you plan to make him a big offer more than 11 months before it's allowed.

Argos have this all wrong. Their role is not to grab other teams' QBs in their prime; it is to train young QBs for the benefit of their conference rivals.

The Argos should have never let go of Zach to begin with, but they let him go because Ricky Ray was still the golden boy. Then Harris showed he could take over the team from Ricky, who has begun to show some age, but the Argos stuck with Ray, for reasons I still don't quite understand. I mean his contract has to be incredibly heavy weighted. The only reason not to was because you were afraid Montreal was going to sign him and make him a force in the east again. Now, instead they've served Harris up to Ottawa on a silver platter who isn't going to have to wait long to take over for Hank.

Here's some clues...

  • three time Grey Cup winner and one Grey Cup MVP award
  • three time division and all-CFL all-star
  • two time winner of east division MOP award
  • set record for most completions in a single CFL season
  • surpassed Warren Moon's record for all-time Eskimo career passing yards
  • set record for highest pass completion percentage in a single game
  • set record for most points scored by an offense in a single quarter
  • set record for highest pass completion percentage in a single season
  • set record for lowest percentage of passes intercepted in a single season
  • set record for highest touchdown to interception ratio
  • set PRO FOOTBALL record for highest passer efficiency rating

In a league where great quarterbacks can play into their forties, why would any team let Ricky Ray walk away at age 36?

Kinda what I was thinking too. We haven't even made it out of this year's free agency period (OK, maybe the dust is settling a bit), and we're already talking about what might happen next year?

Was Dunk bored that day?

Sounds like Dunk was dunking and just stirring up some of the brown. A slow news day indeed.. :roll: :twisted: .

You can tell some of these guys have absolutely nothing to write about this time of year.

We should not have lost him to begin with.

But you had Harris, your future all-star QB.

Well unless Barker/Milanovich were prepared to ask Ricky and his big contract to step aside to let Zach start, there is NO way that he was going to stay when he was ready to be the #1 QB. The fact that they released him early before free agency even began indicates that they knew they couldn't keep him as a back up.

Zach LOVES Hamilton (as previously stated) - it is his kind of town and I can't see Austin letting him get anywhere close to being a free agent next February. I predict that he will have a contract extension long before the season is finished.

Admirable but what has he done lately?

the reason will be clear when Ray wins MOP honours this year :rockin:

Well in all his interviews Zach always says " I dont Like those guys" (Argos)

Zach is our Future hes going no where

He says that about every team.

Yeah, but recently plagued by injury issues, appeared to have a very distanced outlook last season, a huge cap hit for the team and a declining asset. Unless Ricky got his salary restructured (which I don't believe he had) you're not maximizing your bang for your buck, especially since Harris, while maybe not as good as Ray, costs a lot less and it only going to improve. Most QBs jump the shark a lot earlier then AC and Hank (who after his first Ottawa season took a salary hit because of that) and playing till 40 is the exception, not the rule.

I don’t anticipate any lasting effects from the shoulder surgery. Ray was at about 85% by the end of last season but Milanovich still selected him over Harris to start the EDSF.
If there’s one negative about Harris, it’s his tendency to throw interceptions - he led the league in interceptions last year.

What does that mean??

After signing, Ray confirmed to the press that his restructured contract is incentive-based.

Harris’ Ottawa contract is reportedly based on playing time in 2016 but pays him $400,000 (not playing-time based) in 2017. I don’t think that’s “a lot less” than Ray. Harris improved under the coaching of Milanovich/Brady and the tutelage of Ricky Ray. Who knows if that continues at the same pace under different coaching and system.

Rick Ray is an exceptional quarterback.