Argos to Host 2012 Grey Cup!

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Get ready for one hell of a party and one hell of a half-time show! This is gonna be the 100th Grey Cup! I’m sure they will have tons of special events to commemorate this historic event.

It's all building up, Montreal then Calgary then Edmonton then Vancouver, builds, builds to the 100th. Nice. :thup:

I hope the city will actually notice unlike the last time it was there...

Probably not, the toronto media for the most part do not like canadian football. they are more inclined to report on Hockey and american football and the joke that is the Jays before they even touch on the cfl...

It was sad to hear on the radio they'd rather bitch about how much the Leafs suck than celebrate that the Grey Cup and much of Canada was in town. :cry:

which station and which show, if its the fan590 what podcast and ep?

Uh, the Argos were officially awarded the 2012 cup at the same time as the 2007 cup. Lefko is totally out to lunch on this one.

Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised. I mean Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, BC were the last/next cups and 2014 is going to Ottawa if they are stable at the time, and lets face it #100 is going to be huge, and you want a big venue like the Rogers Centre to host such an event, given people from all over Canada are going to be coming out and that Toronto is in realistic driving distance of Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

As much as I'd like to see it in Hamilton I can't see it happening until we get a new stadium built. Ivor Wynne is falling apart, and with a new stadium, fans can come if only to see the new stadium and maybe see more of the city. I'm also thinking that Winnipeg is thinking the exact same thing, given that they are building a new stadium as well. I'm going to guess 2013 will go to Regina, 2015 going to Winnipeg and 2016 going to Hamilton after the Pan-Am Games which would be the perfect christening for the new home of the Ti-Cats.

Surprised Sportsnet gives a hoot about the 100th Grey Cup to be perfectly honest