Argos to honour 1983 Grey Cup champions

The Argonauts announced last night at a town hall for season-ticket holders that they will be bringing back members of the 1983 Grey Cup champion Argonauts to a game on Aug. 23, marking the 30th anniversary of that team breaking a 31-year Grey Cup drought. They will also be rolling out vintage jerseys and helmets with the boat logo for that game. (Albeit the jersey is slightly different than the 1983 jersey, with a logo above the nameplate rather than on the shoulders.)

Here is a picture of the jersey, which was modelled at the event by incoming Hall of Famer Dan Ferrone:

My book about the 1983 Argonauts, Bouncing Back: From National Joke to Grey Cup Champs, featuring interviews with dozens of players, coaches and others associated with that team and the events of that time, will be published in July. For more information:

Cool! :thup:

Always like the retro games. 70's gear is my fav though... May still have to pick up one of these.


while it is not an exact replica of the 83 jersey, it will do. I look forward to getting one of these. I hope to get the numbers done as pictured though, might look odd with the normal white from the 2012 jersey

what was discussed at the state of the union address?
recap anyone?

They are in final stages of negotiating new deal with Rogers for a few more yrs at RC. Rudge said lots of nice things about Rogers, not surprising given that they are still gonna be partners for several more years.

Not much to report at this time on possibility of a new stadium, but a few intriguing tidbits. Rudge said it would cost at least $200M - he noted that Ham’s Pan-Am stadium (which he called “bare bones” or somesuch) is costing $150M. He intimated that they are hoping for some level of govt funding but it won’t be easy to get.

New practice facility to replace the bad facility at U of T Erindale fell through this off-season.

Hoping to allow fans to stand on the track during the preseason game at Varsity.

Had to go to Varsity for ex game because there were no dates made available to them by Rogers in the two wks of preseason.

Rudge wishes the previous ownership had not walked away from the option to rebuild a new Varsity stadium a decade ago, but that ship has now sailed.

Football-wise, Barker said he talks to Kalif Mitchell almost every day. Mitchell has made clear he wants to be traded to Calgary. Barker said he has no relationship with Hufnagel so making a deal will be difficult – he will try but has told Mitchell he is not going to give him away and won’t make a trade if he can’t get acceptable return.

Wow. Sounds like nothing but bad news.
Thanks for the info, though.

Well, it's better than no news at all.

I would hope Rudge and Company have a plan for the future and are keeping their cards close to their vest -----I mean even a new lease for 3 years at Rogers Centre does not solve anything . After 3 years and they get the boot , (which they have been forewarned about) what then ? It is a sad state of affairs when they could not even find a decent practice facility without goose poop , possibly have no home in 3 years and they are supposed to be the flagship franchise of the league. Sad state of affairs , I would say ! -------- I truely believe something has to be going on behind the scenes to fix this mess long term.

It all depends on when Ralph Wilson passes on and how aggressive and successful Rogers and any partners are in acquiring the Bills. Basically a pending situation right now based on that I believe.

1983 grey cup you say.

bah humbug :frowning:

1982 & 1987

Did anyone here record barkers 20 min interview? My camera botched my recording of it...