Argos to hire Ryan Dinwiddie to be head coach

Argos to hire Ryan Dinwiddie to be head coach

Look for Arbuckle to TOR next

From their time together in Calgary I see Claybrooks as a possibility as his DC.

Yep that is very possible, even likely.

If I’m Claybrooks I get back in the saddle very quickly to not get too linked to his disaster in BC. He needs to start over again before anyone thinks of him as a HC option if ever again.

If I understand things correctly BC must pay him for one more year. If he accepts a lower paying position BC must top it up.

So if they owe him $250,000 and he accepts a $150,000 position BC owes him $100,000. Not sure but I think that’s the way it works.

Dinwiddie interview

Pinball - If I hire you as HC can you convince Arbuckle to come with you??

Dinwiddie - Absolutely!!

Pinball - you’re hired. :o

Lapo may want Arbuckle in ottawa.

One and done

Best wishes to Dinwiddie, but IMO he’s not ready for this job. Why hire a QB coach to be head coach, a guy who hasn’t even run an offense on his own? Yes, I know he did the job with AC in Montreal, but that was out of necessity, and brief, and he didn’t exactly set the league on fire.

Hoping events prove me wrong but this is a bad hire IMO.

Inexperienced GM hires an inexperienced HC/OC who will hire his own DC.

What can possibly go wrong?? :o


No idea how this will work out, but it cannot get worse then last year or as a matter of fact the last two years.
At least Ryan comes from the offensive side of football.

Mike Kelly was available. Kelly is like the ‘Lee Corso’ of football. He’s entertaining and draws attention to his team and league.

Toronto needs someone like that.

Very good move! Cheers

Im curious how all of this affects or is affected by the operations cap

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. What do the Argos know that the rest of us don’t??

They should have re-hired Millanovich.

Interesting move .

I had a feeling he was going in as a OC and it would transition into HC eventually .

I see RD as I saw Milanovich when he was first named HC in TO.
He was the non play calling OC under Trestman . RD is the same under DD. Except he has also been schooled by Hufnagel. Both have worked with generational QBs . Both were marginal but very bright QBs.
Milanovich had the benefit of going to another franchise with another great QB however. But RD will have some talent there as well. I suspect Collaros and Arbuckle.

And I think his DC will be Claybrooks as was originally mentioned by idealsheldon. I think RD will do well and have a winning record.

Ya. The Argos are gona need to hire a top Tier experienced and successful DC. & pay that guy accordingly.
Who knows if it will be Claybrooks or not.

The entire Hamiton coordinator’s Staff all were High priorty coaches that teams interviewed.
Condell pulled his name from HC consideration choosing to stay on as OC
June Jones of the now XFL. Attended the GC. and recently tried to poach ST’s co. Reinebold. But apparently turned it down and will stay on as and extend his contract with the Cats.
June Jones was able to poach Cats OL coach to Join his Cfl venture. Dennis McKnight.

So the cats dodge alot of bullets.
Witch leaves High end DC Mark Washinton.
I gotta think the Argos are gona make a serious run at him.
With a modern CFL coaches Cap title upgrade as DC & asst HC. And pay him accordingly.

Exactly why would HAM DC Mark Washington leave the Ticats to go to TOR and be DC there?
That is a sideways move. ???
I doubt that he would want to work under Dinwiddie, who is a QB Coach that was promoted way past his level of experience.

I do think it rare for a position coach to leapfrog offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, and ST coordinators to be the head coach.