Argos to Fold? From Damien Cox opinion piece in the Toronto Star

The NFL will put a team wherever someone pays them to have one. If you have the expansion fee and you have a stadium to play in you can put your team in Antarctica. If someone walked up to Goodell with 2 billion dollars and another 2 billion to build a palace right across the street from Giants Satdium there would be 3 teams in New York the very next day.

The Argonauts don't even exist in the NFL's world. Neither do the other 8 teams in Canada. The only thing keeping the NFL out of Toronto is that no one there has the bankroll to build the NFL a stadium and no one is going to be able to convince the govt to build one for them either.


I think there's more that that. They would have to get extra out of a Toronto squad because adding a team in Canada doesn't add to advertising revenues.


Unfortunately the CFL needs a Toronto team for the corporate support. I agree with everything else.

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I would agree with that. This is all about TV revenues and everybody in the pro sports business knows that THE ABSOLUTE WORST ratings ever were for the World Series the 2 years that the Blue Jays were in it. NFL isn't global enough yet to get big numbers outside of USA and Americans don't like non-American sports. Americans don't give a damn about swimming but for a week every 4 years Michael Phelps is God Incarnate. They haven't a clue whether he's doing the backstroke, the breaststroke or stroking himself under water between heats. They don't even know the first thing about swimming, but they know that an American is dominating at something. Then they don't care for 3 years and 11 months.


I think Mightygoose was just answering your question. "When was the last time 66,000 people attended showed up for anything in Toronto?"
Never stated that was the criteria for a successful NFL franchise in Toronto.

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So the XFL is football's version of the AHL.... the Marlies play in front of an empty rink most nights.... good luck XFLgos!


Sounds like a reality TV comedy proposal:

Cartoonish Toronto media moguls eagerly throw their support behind the newly minted XFL Argos for the 2023 season only to be hilariously crushed by the news that the NFL still refuses to 'lend' their practice roster players to a league that still can't afford to pay their incredibly high insurance costs. The whole thing comes crashing down with that rascal 'The Rock' somehow managing to purchase everyone's bankrupt leftovers for a pittance with the promise of starting a new XFL version of Arena Football in 2026.

I'd watch. :grin:


Ok, so I wasn't going to read Damien Cox's CFL-hater hardon drivel but I broke down and read the article anyways since this thread seems to have legs.

This following quote proves that Cox's story is total BS.

But attendance amidst pandemic restrictions has been horrific, less than 9,800 per game, and the rumour mill suggests MLSE might fold or sell the team after this season, or convert it into an XFL franchise when that league returns in the spring of 2023.

MLSE doesn't have the power to fold or otherwise remove the Argos from the league. The Argonauts are a CFL FRANCHISE and as such, the league has the power and the legal means to revoke that franchise should MLSE want out in any way. Cox KNOWS this, or if he doesn't he's a total moron.

To Damien: I have no problem with you hating on the CFL, that's your right and I for one will not stand in the way of your passion to piss on this league for the past 20 years, but making up crap just to cause a stir makes you a lousy excuse for a reporter, you coward.


How loud to you plan to shout that at BMO on Sunday?


And then I plan on doing this when the final gun sounds and we've sunk their sorry asses sending all 12 of their fans home crying in their tissues .


Umm, how much "beverage" did you consume at dinner this evening? :slight_smile:


Whatever it was it wasn't enough :grinning: :beers: ....IS IT SUNDAY YET ???


Woah, we'd better cryopreserve you until 12:30pm Sunday!

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Factor in the conversion from US dollars and it gets even more improbable.


When you think of it at 5 billion Canadian even with the evaluation craziness would you really do it unless you had money and time to tackle the obstacles like you were building a Disney Park North .

But at least a Disney Park North more are entertained for many more hours . It becomes less a vanity project .

The one's at that level in Canada would become vilified as we tend to be more like Sweden than the US with wealth distribution and the look at me opulence .

Probably has to do with all the cold weather , I dunno .


I think as owners of the Argos, MLSE can leave the CFL if they wish, same way some these soccer clubs join different leagues.

Looking 20-30 years down the road, let's say the XFL and USFL are established leauges and that the Argos are no longer in the CFL.

The CFL will not only have to compete with the NFL for players, but now these other 2 leagues as well.

What quality of player will the CFL be able to attract at that point?

This reminds me of the WHA /NHL merger. This might be the only opportunity for existing CFL teams to continue to exist. Hold our nose and join up with the XFL.

And I actually don't think it would be a bad thing necessarily.

I think the main play for the Argos right now is to get revenue sharing. They'll point to the fact that they won the Eastern title and then point to the attendance.

I believe the rest of the league has the authority to revoke the ownership of a franchise if they are doing anything to damage the league's reputation .

It most likely can be voted on .

Mere speculation But a business set up like the CFL usually has contingencies for rouge ownership .

I could always be wrong .


The only wrinkle is that MLSE has part ownership in TSN. I believe they have part ownership in Sportsnet as well. It makes for an awkward TV negotiation if the crap hits the fan.

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Damien Cox as usual shows how the whole media in this country is a bunch of negative, fear mongering, big tech controlled losers.