Argos @ Tiger-Cats

TSN panel not saying this is make or break time for Masoli but it was close.

O lays an egg on 1st possession

Well they're off so we'll see how a full house affects the on-field production for the Cats. So far not good - 2 and out on the first drive. Hope the D is up to shutting down Macbeth.

Great tackle for a loss by JG!

D gets them shut down and they have decent FP for the second drive. Hope they can make some hay this time.

Hi all.

Btw, following up on the above thread, Simoni Lawrence will become the all-time Ticat tackle leader if he gets 9 today.

Out on a limb but I think it's possible we see a sideways receiver run on this drive.

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Ya think? :rofl:

Soo happy to be wrong!!

Masoli was either told you have to run more or he's sucked it up. Or both.

Missed convert, FFS...

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What do we tell the kicker?

Now THAT'S more like it - TD STE!! :grinning: Is wind a factor again today? Bertoli missed the PAT, :frowning_face:

It's gotta go through the uprights to count

pack your bags

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Nice to see Masoli running the ball by design rather than scrambling for his life. But what the heck happened on that sack, where the entire line shifted right? Naked bootleg is one thing, but a naked pocket?

Nice team effort on blocking for that TD by STE. And a nice run too. But another missed convert?

"We can evaluate only so long"

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STE will be focused on holding onto the ball today.

And scoring TDs!

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He bobbled it at about the 15