Argos Tickets!

Does anyboyd know why the Argos aren't selling 5th deck tickets to their games this year? IMO they are the only good seats at the Rogers Centre to see a football game!

The Argos Closed the Deck
Cause They want to sell more lower level Tickets.
They Don’t Make Much On on 500 Lev Stuff
Plus there hoping to Squeeze every dollar out anyone who wants Bills Tickets

I really liked those seast so I probably won't be making many trips down there this year.

Absolute worst football venue I've ever seen. Why anyone would be interested in shelling out like that for NFL hype is beyond me.

Plus the place looks empty with 30,000 attending if the upper deck is open.

Seats where cheep
Has a Great View of the Play Developing Below Field Level.

The upper deck seats were the only ones with decent views for under $50. I know I won't be going to any games in Toronto this year...

the worst possible venue for a football game.

Ive attended at every CFL stadium and the rogers centre is the worst. And this is coming from someone who has attended at the world's biggest toilet bowl, the Big O.

Not bad for baseball, but for football no matter how much you pay you cant see anything. Grade of stands too shallow. Too far from field.

Give me IWS any day

Is it true that the season ticket holders in that level are just automatically moved to the more expensive seats? I heard that but wasnt sure about it. I bet lots will cancel if its true. Imagine if they did that in ivor wynne with box j? the kilts would be scattered all over and almost unavoidable. ewwww. Its nice we have them contained to box j for the most part.

tickets are expensive...

Platinum (2nd level goaline to goaline) 79 Gold (lower bowl between the 30's and some 2nd level) 67
Silver (lower bowl goalline to 20yd line) 50 Bronze (lower bowl endzone) 33

That's crazy to have basically have no upper deck and no tickets less than $33. That's nuts.

I think $ 80 for the CFL is just crazy. The last Argo game I went to 3 years ago was $55 for the 40yd line second deck and I thought that was steep.

Looks like it will be HD TV for me.

I may have to make an exception for the pre-season as that is not on TV.

I feel bad for Poor Fans of the Argos.
who will now be forced to stay home
Cause the Tickets have Skyrocketed
with no upper bowl seating

Arent the ticat tickets in box I,C,d close to $80 unfornatly the CFL is going the way of the nhl,nba,nfl and mlb in pricing of their tickets. soon the average fan wont be afford to seat in the good seats and therefore not go

No way is the dome worse than the O. For starters, it's roof actually works and doesn't leak. Roof keeps me dry when it rains and is always open if not. It is also high enough that baseball's don't hit and no lines are needed on the ceiling, LOL remember the Expos foul balls? There is also a few restraunts and bars which I have enjoyed while watching the game. There is even bars across the street, while the O has,,, old red houses.

The 100 level is shallow but not much more than Montreal. There is also about 20 yards of concrete before the turf, not playing field, even starts in Montreal. I bet if you measured, your 30+ yards from the touchline in Montreal. Sit in the upper deck and it looks like a hockey game. 500 level in the dome is right there, steepest in sport.

Last year in Montreal, there was so much room behind the field that they even had a monster truck rally at halftime, you could probably build an NHL size rink behind Montreal's endzone. That place is truly an echoing cavern and toilet like you mentioned. 30 000 means a sold out lower bowl in the dome, not even half full in O. I could go on and on.

All this for what people say cost Montreal 1 billion and there's rumours they might get hosed for a new 50 million roof. The day they blow it up is a day of celebration for the people. Skydome although decent, isn't as great as the crumbling Ivor Wynne, but come on, it's classes above the Olympic elephant.

no argument there.....

the point was that I was comparing the Rogers centre to the current CFL stadiums. The Als only play 1 game a year at the BIG O, this year none.

BTW maybe there are better bars near the Rogers Centre but if you are telling me that the TO nightlife is better than in Montreal, ya gotta be kidding!