Argos Ticket Sale at 15,000

Just got off the phone with my Argo ticket rep.
My season ticket purchase was quick and seamless.
So I asked the rep how it was going.
Unbelievably was told they are currently at around 15,000.
Had to ask him several times to make sure this figure was correct.
That's even before it goes out to the general public sale in a few weeks.
Can 20,000-25,000 be far off?
This may be a money maker after all.

That. Is. Phenomenal.


I'm sorry. I don't believe it. :o

Excellent news if true. Though it is a mix of SHTs and deposits.

Either way, this is a number the team should come out and say IMO. Perhaps they will once all of the deposits are converted.

I pick in 9 days, certain they'll be plenty left for me :smiley:

I didn't originally when mentioned, that's why I asked him several times.

Great news and thanks for sharing. I pick next week, hopefully there will be some good seats left.

I don't doubt you, ArgoT. It just seems too good to be true. I hope it is accurate and I am wrong.

If all it took to revive this franchise was a CFL friendly home, then C&S will be cursing Braley until the end of time.

It doesn't surprise me, Toronto football fans just needed a reason to come out of the woodwork. While some were reluctant to support the Argos at Skydome there were many indications there was a hidden CFL fanbase in Toronto. Not the least of which was the Argos have consistently been one of the top TV draws in the league...and the 3.6 million in the extended GTA who watched all or part of the 2012 Grey Cup in Toronto. That's a lot of Toronto folks watching the Argos (that's probably more than have ever watched a Maple Leaf game).

The Argos relocating to a outdoor football stadium with great sight-lines and a natural grass playing surface is a no-brainer. The team will be forced to cap season ticket sales at around 20,000, (which might happen next week :wink: ) and probably sell-out their season opener and every game after that. :thup:

Here's a recap of Toronto's last Grey Cup game:

[b][u]T[/u][/b]he 100th GREY CUP scored big on – and off – the field last night, as the country united to watch one of the biggest sporting events in Canadian history on TSN and RDS.

Preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that the 100th GREY CUP delivered an average audience of 5.5 million viewers on TSN, making it the most-watched CFL championship game ever recorded on English-language television.

Meanwhile, an average audience of 5.8 million watched the 100th GREY CUP on TSN and RDS, marking a 28 per cent increase in viewers compared to last year and earning an incredible national 16.1 rating. Audiences jumped even higher for younger viewers, with a 38 per cent increase among Adults 18-34.

Overall, more than 13 million Canadians – or more than one in three Canadians – tuned in to watch some or all of last night's broadcast on TSN and RDS.

In the Toronto Extended Market, more than 3.6 million viewers watched some of the 100th GREY CUP on TSN – close to half the population in this market.

"It's clear that Canadians embraced the GREY CUP like never before, making the 100th edition of the game an undeniable success not only for TSN and RDS, but also for the CFL and all Bell Media platforms that thoroughly supported the game this week," said Stewart Johnston, President of TSN. "Yesterday's 100th GREY CUP was an important milestone in Canadian history and we are all tremendously proud that we were able to share this game with fans across the country."

"Tradition dictates that only the Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts can hoist our iconic trophy above their heads, but so many Canadians wrapped their arms around the Grey Cup and lifted our league up in this historic year," said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the Canadian Football League. "Today's television ratings are a testament to that fact, the strength of our league, and the love Canadians have for the Grey Cup."

Audience Breakout
• Audience levels for the 100th GREY CUP peaked at seven million viewers

• The Sirius XM Grey Cup Half-Time Show delivered a 44 per cent increase in viewers compared to last year's halftime show, with an average audience of 6.1 million viewers tuning in for performances by Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianas Trench, and Gordon Lightfoot

• Audiences also spiked across all demos during the Sirius XM Grey Cup Half-Time Show

• The Toronto Extended Market recorded a 21.9 rating for the game, while the Calgary Extended Market recorded a 36.8 rating

• TSN's critically-acclaimed documentary series, ENGRAVED ON A NATION, was watched by 8.1 million unique Canadian viewers since its debut recorded more than 38 million page views during Grey Cup Week (Nov. 19-26) with more than 7.5 million page views – and one million unique visitors – on Grey Cup Sunday alone's new Field Access hub recorded 102,000 live streams for its companion viewing offerings on Grey Cup Sunday: live coverage of the pre-game warm-ups and an alternate angle of the game's exclusive video content from the 100th GREY CUP garnered 475,000 video plays during Grey Cup Week

• A total of 91,000 unique fans took part in's live chat on Grey Cup Sunday

• On social media, the 100th GREY CUP dominated the headlines on Facebook and Twitter, with "TSN" and "Brian Williams" among the top trends in Canada yesterday

• The 2012 VANIER CUP on Friday delivered a record-setting average audience of 910,000 viewers on TSN and RDS, making it the most watched CIS game in history

Every game I watched there was a painful experience. It felt like I was a million miles away and the (lack of) noise was deafening. I would just be shocked if the number, in early February, was 15K. That would be amazing.

I will definitely be coming down from Ottawa for the Grey Cup and possibly a REDBLACKS game vs the Argos!

I was at the the 100th G.C. with my girlfriend and we had a really fun time in frigid Toronto, but our gold level seats at the game were pretty bad. I won't be back to the R.C. for any kind of game.

I might try and make the big show in Ottawa though! I loved going to games at old Lansdowne Park.

The best part about this? It's going to cause the Red Patch Babies to crap themselves... :rockin:

I second that opinion! :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Same here, I may even get a couple 3 packs in Toronto when they come available. Oh the car is not going to like it, after doing 4000 km a season traveling from Kingston to Ottawa to watch the REDBLACKS all year long!!! :rockin:

Will be awesome to go to the site where I saw Argo games way back when. :thup:

I could have written this post myself - altho, I was not at the 100 GC.

I just can't believe 15,000 ST's. I am waiting for someone to say, "Oh, it was just a mistake. There are on 4,000 ST's.". Again, I hope it is accurate.

Yup, I was at the 100th Grey Cup in the RC in the roundy cereal bowly upper 500 level, pure crap seats so far from the field but had to be at the 100th. Man are the Argos lucky to be outta that stadium. It's really too bad the 100th couldn't have been at BMO but that's the way it goes. Maybe for the 200th they'll, well the two teams playing in the nation's Grey Cup national championship that is, be at BMO or a real football stadium at least. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend that game in my present body. But I'll be there in spirit for sure! :wink:

^^Made me laugh.^^

It was truly the worst football stadium I have ever been to - and it wasn't close.

A couple negative comments but, to be honest, they don't believe it. Heck, I love the CFL and I don't believe it.

I think at some point there will be a huge BBQ love in with the Argo Blue Patchers and TFC Red Patchers and it'll be one heck of a gig and fun time! :thup: It's like opposites attracting some might say, at first it's hate, hate, hate but in the end it's a love affair with some real heavy duty banging energy where you have to have hate at the beginning to get to the type of love that comes only with some hate. I think some of us have experienced that type of love at some point in our lives. :smiley: