Argos, Ticats renew rivalry on Friday Night Football

HAMILTON — The Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats square off for the second time this season on Friday night at Tim Hortons Field.

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Viewing my crystal ball I saw that Powell was the prime mover to the Cat’s success this season. I did not see him starting this early and I am sure the management has selected Powell with care. Let’s play ball :football:!

I don;t believe any team in the CFL are confronted with a problem as serious as what the Cats are now facing - having to use their 3rd string QB to take them through for 6 games - maybe more. This is a season changer for the Cats - how they perform will be the ultimate test for Steinhauer - here’s hoping!

What about Ottawa? they are on their 4th string guy?
They start their backup to begin the season - Arbuckle, he goes down they bring in his backup, Tyree Adams, he’s gone for the season. Masoli the number one guy comes back he’s gone for the season. They bring in an unknown 4th stringer.

You make a valid point - however, Masoli didn’t start the season and Arbuckle was their first string guy. The point that needs to be remembered is that Masoli, Callaros, Evans and Mitchell were first string all-stars for the Cats and all were sidelined ruining the cats chances - it has happened again now to the Cats for what? 3,4 5, years in a row or more? Like I said, I don’t believe any CFL team has ever had to face this before.

Sounds very crummy to me. :sunglasses:

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Did you really expect Mitchell to last a full season? Shiltz too has been injured, like last season. This was predictable that a young man would hold the Cat’s fortune in his hands, don’t be fooled again for this is the way forward. :sunglasses: :+1:

no, no, we have a very experienced and knowledgeable coach.

I’m very confident that he was confident that Boverrated would play all our games, plus playoffs, and the Grey Cup.

who could have possible thought BLM would go down :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve seen you use the term Boverrated since he landed with your team. I always liked that term and hadn’t heard it before you used it. I also happen to think it is accurate.

yes, I told myself I’d abandon the term when he joined our team. I believe that is the first time I used it - so good catch.

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