Argos/TiCats Preseason Game Review

For Toronto:
#91 DE Hazel had a rough day. Banged up his leg in the 1stH and then took an idiotic 15yd penalty followed by a careless offside.

#17 QB Fajardo is hopeless. His first instinct is to tuck it and run for his life - - in a regular season game, that'd get him KTFO'd. When he did manage to stay in the pocket he really locks in on receivers and his throws are all over the place.

#9 DB Owasu-Ansah continues to struggle in man coverage. Not sure how long it's going to take Stubler to realize he can't leave him out at CB. Much better suited for HB.

#75 DE Walker showed a nice pass rush, although it came off the pylons that Shovelface sent out after the 1stQ.

#84 WR Noel the rookie 4th round pick is a definite player. Showed great hands and willingness to take a hit over the middle plus some very good YAC yardage. The Argos are ridiculously stacked at receiver - - absolutely loaded - - so it'll be tough for him to crack the line up but I'm not sure if they'll be able to hide him on the PR without being poached.

For Hamilton:
Without Teddy Laurent the TiCats DLine is a complete mess, thanks to Toronto's off season raid. #99 DT Atkinson and #91 DT Nevis are just complete blobs taking up space.

#98 DT Gaydosh really struggles in pursuit - - I knew he was slow, but didn't realize it was that bad.

#95 DE Johnson, the ex Argonaut, was Hamilton's best player on the DLine

QB Joke Matthews looked terrible. Could it be possible that Scrub Masoli is the starter to open the season?

Shovelface had better pray that #59 OT SImmons and #56 OT Lewis stay healthy all season because their back ups are horrific. #61 OT Proctor especially is an absolute turnstile.

It was good to see #22 DB Courtney Stephen get paid in the off season, but he sure didn't earn any of him money today. Burned badly for a TD and then completely whiffed on a tackle.

" shovelface " - grow up . Name calling is junior high BS. :thdn: :roll:

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A DT struggles in pursuit? Shocking lol

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Also, it is already the first pre-season game. Why are all these guys not in mid - season form ? - LOL.

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