Argos/Ticats match ups highlight B.M.F.A. Day of Champions

Hey everybody, while the real men are in Montreal preparing for the Als there are four yes four Ticats teams playing against four Argos team in four divisions for various championships this Saturday at Nelson High School in Burlington on the Burlington Minor Football House League Day of Champions. This has never happened before as far as the league knows.

Visiting teams are listed here first based on seasonal record:

(In the tyke division we do not worry about the score)
Tyke Nelson 9:00am ALOUETTES vs ESKIMOS - the only non- Ti-Cat Argo game
Tyke Nelson 10:30am TICATS vs ARGOS

Atom Nelson 12:00pm Ticats vs Argos

Peewee Nelson 2:00pm Argos vs Ticats

Bantam Nelson 4:00pm Ticats vs Argos

If you want to come out and see some terrific kids playing feel free to join us for any or all of these games.
Though it must be stated clearly, I Coach the Defense for the Bantam Ti-Cats and my son plays Middle Linebacker/Nose Guard so if you come to that game I want you to cheer for Him. His nickname is FRT Trayn (yes that's how he spells it)

Seriously, if you enjoy football played for all the right reasons and you have some time this Saturday November 12th by all means drop by Nelson High School in Burlington for the B.M.F.A. day of Champions.


Hi again Ticat fans, apparently, and this is no joke, the real Argos have been contacted and are supplying their BMFA Argos parents with noise makers and other things.

I guess they haven't got much to do with those things now that their season is over. Our Cats are otherwise occupied this weekend and the staff is busy as well. We've been able to get some foam fingers but we need some noise by the fans themselves or otherwise.

Calling all Ticat fans, if you have the time all four Ticat teams could use your voice and noise makers on Saturday November 12th at Nelson Hiigh in Burlington. I know we would certainly welcome everyone wearing Black and Gold for the Bantam game at right around 4 pm.


FRT Trayn (yes that's how he spells it)

sorry FR8 Trayn!! is how he spells it !