Argos - Ticats LDG

After a soft start, my Argos answer with a vengeance.
Awes catch and run by Walker.

Before the game and now definitely, I think we can win this game and go on a run the second half of the season.

Is anyone else here watching?

It’ll be tough. You will have to catch the Als who are playing well.

I never said we will make the playoffs, very unlikely in fact slim and none.
And you know the saying slim has left the building.

Kick em out!!! Hahaaha

Those 2 Ticats ejections looked one sided for sure.

No Argo ejections?


From the stands! ?

Let’s get ready to Rummmmbleee!!!

Gotta take the points Chamberlain

LDC too important.

Just like MBT last week at the end of the second half, another self inflicted wound.
Why would the HC bring in Franklin for that 3rd down gamble?

Wilder is playing with a little bit of an edge, so far so good.
Likely should have been tossed earlier.

Because the 2nd string quarterback practices the short yard plays.

But he is a stiff from past similar short yard plays as he does not have the forward drive necessary in a big pile.

The more I watch MBT the more I believe he is the best QB the Argos have.

The guy is a warrior

And Walker finally doing what he was brought in to do

What a throw and catch, need a few more of those.
Dare I say we might have found a QB in MBT, who has finally rounded into shape the last few games?

I just saw your similar posting, right after mine.
We are in agreement.

That Hamilton oline is getting eaten up