argos ticats grey cup

looks like a east crossover a real possibility this year ,,long shot obviously. but wouldnt it be interesting to see argos cross over to the west and end up playing our beloved tabbies in winnipeg for the cup?

not such a long shot for an eastern crossover and not even that much of a long shot for it to be the argos, but not much of a chance that any crossover team would beat both the esks and the stamps.

My thoughts exactly.

I really Enjoy that but Winnipeg is already having problems selling Tickets to this year cup

a all est Guy cup would be devastating to the bottom line for the peg.

cause who in the west or Quebec would want to go Toronto Hamilton grey cup.

And who from Toronto (disinterest) and who from Hamilton (won't pay the prices) would be interested?

For the record... I would! :slight_smile:

If an east team crosses to the west playoffs this year, it will almost certainly be Montreal or Ottawa. More likely Montreal.

The crossover is usually the West team to the East, mainly because there are 5 teams in the West and mathematically there's better odds, but this year, at least so far it does look like an East team will crossover in the playoffs.

Should Montreal cross over to the west and have one of Edmonton or Calgary knock them out of the playoffs then they couldn’t blame the Ticats for their playoff woes next season. As mentioned by another poster - no one from the east will make it past both of these teams.

I am reminded of the 94 lions, but they were an 11-6-1 third place team. don't see 4th place east being that good.

Have to agree with you about that.

As of right now, Montreal (4th place East) and BC (3rd place West) have equal records, so it's not as far-fetched as you may wish...

I agree, but the mathematical chances are easier for the West to crossover because there only have to be 2 bad teams in the East for them to crossover, for an East team to cross over there have to be 3 bad teams, which is unlikely, but so far this year it is happening,

Based on opponents current win %, Montreal head the easiest remaining schedule in the entire CFL. BC is now without their starting QB. Winnipeg just isn't very good. Saskatchewan is in an awfully deep hole to dig out of. I know none of that means diddly squat because it's only the games played on the field that matter, but an East cross-over seems very plausible to me...