Argos @ Ticats GDT


I want to get a pair of those gloves that come together to make an "R" - Ottawa.

I'm glad they won. 7-7 and they have have some space between them and the RBs. I can be an Argo fan and still admit they had no business winning that game the way they played. That doesn't mean I'm not a fan just an honest fan. Still, a win is 2 points no matter how ugly and that one was ugly.

The officiating was horrendous in that game, worst of the year, and I find those games to frustrating to watch. The CC took some of the game away from the player by making decisions that defied an explanation from the rule book. When the CC gets involved to the point of making it up as they go there is nothing to watch. How do I know the great play I just saw isn't going to be overturned by the CC one seems to know why they do anything just that they ruin the entertainment value of games.

I would rather go back to living with the officials mistakes than continue with a blind hallucinating moron who clearly has no clue what the rules are, how to apply them or even that there is a rule book to follow.

Trust me DC , I was not trying to excuse or minimise it.

It is scary to think that could ruin a play-off game or Grey Cup.

They need to get the act together.

And I am back on the Argo bandwagon now that Barker is gone. Didn't expect to see any improvement from Popp's actions until next season. Trestman is about where I thought he would be at this point in the season. Didn't think they'd be in first but .500 is reasonable.