Argos @ Ticats GDT

Are the Ticats for real under June Jones?

Winning this one would be a major statement.

Are the Jones/Masoli-led Cats for real?

Is Wilder for real?

Hopefully, the answer to both questions after the game will be 'yes', with the Wilder getting the game-winning TD on the last play of the game. :slight_smile:

Why was that an illegal kickoff?
I didn't hear and everyone in the room is asleep so i can't raise the volume

Boy this thread doed fast. I have been playing in the Ticat sandpit.

We are lucky to be this close at the half.
Now ricky throws a pick early in the 3rd, ugly.

Ticats up seven, heading into the fourth.

Wow the Cats have 404 yards after three quarters and 175 in rushing.
It the Cats win tonight they may be a force for the rest of the season in the East.

Hamilton beefed it.

Christmas comes early, we had no business winning this game.

Because it was kicked out of bounds

Absolutely horrid play calling by Hamilton in the fourth quarter. They gave that game away. ( and possibly their entire season )

What a game !

Exciting on the edge thriller.

Couldn't watch. Turned it off after yet another phantom PI early in the 4th. One of the worst called games of the year.

What baffles me the most though despite horrendous officiating, despite a porous D that stepped aside for the Ti-Cat O, despite an O that seemed uninterested in doing anything so mundane as gaining yards or getting first downs, somehow the Argos actually won this thing.

Look up winning ugly in the dictionary tomorrow and the boxscore from this game will be there. Whoever said this was a great game has a very low standard for great. Until I shut it off 2 of the most excruciatingly boring CFL football I have been tortured with this season.

What a game for sure, absolutely no doubt about that unless, well, unless, ok won't say. :wink: No reason in the world as a football fan to turn this one off at all! Unreal but a great come from behind victory for the Double Blue, they never gave up and made the Cats pay for conservative 4th quarter play. Ray is a pure gamer all the way. Refing was crap in this one must admit but that is no excuse at all IMHO. You have to be able to adjust to bad calls and go from there, adjust your game plan accordingly.

Gable great game but it takes more than that to win. Argo fans should be very proud of the way their team came back in this one to snatch a win at THF.

Moses, obviously you and me were watching two very different games. But what game were you watching BTW?

The Cats may have lost but at least I added to my Ti-Cats wardrobe. Last night my layered look on a cool night had me wearing my Ti-Cats t-shirt, hoody, jersey and baseball hat. It wasn't cool enough for either one of my Ti-Cat touques or scarf. But now for the next game I have these beauties - lol. It was sock giveaway night. :slight_smile:

Now we know why Kevin circled this game on his calendar as the one to attend. :slight_smile:

Suck it up and stick to it like a real fan.

If I can endure the most boring game of the year ( Stamps at Riders ), you should have no trouble handling a bad PI call.

Besides, your team won.

Be happy about it.

moses could be ...., how can he enjoy wins by his own team? Because, because... But he does go to games, I guess he likes banging his head agains't the wall all in the name of his Double Blue. Whatever works for the guy. The oddest poster I've ever seen on here, that's for sure.

There was some great plays in that game on both sides and it was fun to watch to the very end.