Argos @ Ti-Cats

Quite the defensive game so far. How long til O'shea's trickery comes into it?

I say hardly. This is a playoff game, you can't risk it.

Argos are definitely pushing it pretty good!

all the Argo an Ti-Cat fans must be at the game, this explains why nobody is commenting!

Oh DeAngelis, how you must be kicking yourself after that kick.

Thigpen drops the ball
Better convert Argos

If he'd tried to kick himself
He'd miss

Gotta Love Rod Black..



I really hope the Ticats pull this off, the Argo's are just horrific to watch. I think I've seen Lemon throw the ball downfield 3 times in the opening half, and I think the Ticats were closer to catching 2 of them.

Somebody PLEASE tell the TSN morons that you DON'T add the no yards penalty to the return yards
It's an either/or
That's why they "decline"...or not

All season he's made that mistake


:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

oooo, nice :smiley:

And.. now we have a possibly injured Glenn. Hamilton isn't having much luck in the red zone it seems.

Foley should have been charged with a Roughing the Passer on that Injury.

Foley didn't do that by accident..

Referee was a moron for not calling that.

oh bull, perfectly clean tackle. Note the lack of reaction or protest by the ticats. See JJ talking pleasantly with foley.

Yeah, I gotta agree. Definitely not the injury Hamilton wants right now but IMO it was a clean tackle if unfortunately timed.

Getting the QB is part of the game
Just ask the "salmonela-virus" that ruined Durant's season


Disagree. Legal play.

Did you catch the one where Black said the on field officials were "commiserating" with each other ??

so you're saying it was perfectly fine for Foley to twist him after he had already hit him to the ground?

Well, there's a momentum shifter. Can Hamilton respond to the Turnover/TD?

sigh... Thigpen.. :roll:

come on you have got to be more careful!

He's not the only one. I'm slightly surprised at how the Ti-cats have been playing so far this game. Either that or I've been completely underestimating the Argos.