Argos the class of the East?

I know its early, but, the Argos are looking like a team that is going to be very difficult to beat...if anything their already strong defense looks better then last year. Belli has plugged a weak spot at NG and newcomers Willie Pile and Adrian Mayes have been outstanding. Second year Jermaine Mays and Kahill Carter are playing better with a years experience. Defense wins they say and to me the Argo defense looks smothering.
Now that the offense looks like they can score some points this year and give the defense a little rest the only team that can beat the Argos in the East is themselves. Otherwise, the battle for the other two playoff spots will be where all the drama takes place.
Calgary's receiving corps was suppose to be the class of the league, but IMO Argos with the addition of Frank Murphy, Pat Johnson, Obed Cetoute and now Mookie Mitchell gives them one of the best group in the league.
Jermaine White (if they can keep him healthy) finally gives the Argos a RB who doesn't go down at the first tackler he sees.
Of course if Bishop is out for a long time it could make things closer, but I think McMahon will put points on the board but won't be as effective as Bishop. Michael looks almost unstoppable with his arm strength, accurracy and mobility.
So IMO the top three teams are Toronto, BC and Saskatchewan in that order. Hamilton is number eight and the other four, throw their names in a hat and pick em.

Let's wait 'til they play the Bombers. The zone defence that the Boatman are so fond of may not stand up against Stegall and Roberts and the Blue have already proven they can hang tough in a high-scoring game (Edmo).

I concede that the Bomber defense is a formable one that will give McMahon a lot of trouble, if Bishop is out…but I can’t see the Winnipeg offense having any more luck against Stubler’s crew then anybody else.

It sounds like Bishop may be gone for a while as I heard on the news that the Argos are looking for a third QB. They can’t use Crouch I guess because they have placed him on the nine game injury list.

Sorry but the cats are back, move over, here we come. Straight to the grey cup.

cant argue with that :slight_smile:

Well, Cats blew their chance to pull even in the standings with the Argos. But seriously, if both don’t start winning some games soon, could be all she wrote.