Argos = The big winners on draft day

I'm really happy with the way the Argos drafted. Their first 3 picks especially.

Joe Eppele OT Washington St.
Cory Greenwood LB Concordia
Grant Shaw S Saskatchewan

Looking good boys. I'm sure they'll all be starters very soon.

Agreed, Barker's off to a good start

I was very please when I found out last night. Expectations for these season not great, but am looking forward to the future. Great moves imo. :rockin:

I'm really thrilled with my local boy, Cory Greenwood... That's awesome. It's a shame that Williams couldn't come the Argos way, but it was a great couple of moves on the Argos part to secure picks 2 & 3 while locking up Boreham as well. Over all the Argos did the best of any team on draft day!

Awesome! If we keep playing the cards right we can develop a Cup contender within a few years I think. Remember, you have to be bad to be good, think of the Pittsburgh Penguins or Washington Capitals

yeah, I like I have said in previous posts, I am okay with this team coming out of the gate losing a few ball games, but I want to see improvement. I am tired of going winning just one game after labour day. IMO 9-9 would be a good season in 2010. but most of those wins after labour day.

The next interesting piece of the puzzle will be how much draft capital he is willing to expend to grab Forzani from his former boss.

HfxTC...correct me if I am wrong, in an earlier post, did you not remark that Jim Barker is this years "Mike Kelly" because of the receivers coach he hired??

Yes. How he went about the hire which was very much Mike Kelly like. I don't have a hate on for Barker, he's a smart football guy but there are some flaws in how he communicates.

Also I am not suggesting that he should grab Forzani. I am just really curious to see how it turns out.

I think Barker and the Argos did a good job with their draft. Drafting well is half the battle, developing the guys once they are drafted is the other part.

Thanks for the response for Forzani I agree.

For Joe Eppelle to produce great numbers such as that of John Lagrone of Edmonton.....(perhaps). Have a great football career in Toronto. :thup:

I'd say the Argos did well also, I like the way Barker comes across.

Barker's draft moves are the first evidence that this team may be about to turn a corner. Thank God. For the first time in forever, the Argos actually look like they give a damn about developing NI talent from within.

And you will... Argos definately wont be the push over they were last season

with additions like Copeland and Gerran Walker(didnt you guys sign this guy?) combined with Lucas, and servicable guys like Cetute and Carter your offence will definately improve. Cleo Lemon and Gibran Hamden should be an improvement at QB and offensive line will improve as well with Cedric Gagne Marcoux added to the mix.

also on defence you guys werent terrible, a good front seven with guys like Middlebrooks, parker, younger and Shell in the secondary, youll definately improve