Argos' Team Doctor Resigns

According to this article on the National Post website, Dr. Anthony Galea has resigned from his position as the team doctor of the Toronto Argonauts.

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Wow, is this a slow news day! :oops:

We should sign him! HAHAHA

Not only is this a silly thread but you actually use the A word! TISK TISK

Slow news, kiwicanuk?

Au contraire mon ami, in pro sports,
doctors and illegal drugs is BIG news.

Silly, thread, zenstate?

If this story 'gets legs' it won't be so silly.

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This story may not be silly but it sure is tiresome have we not heard enough about Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clements and his Dr. :roll: :roll:

Stories like that would be/may become very tiresome, ballboy
if and when they are 'now playing in a neighbourhood near you.'