Argos teach Lions a Lesson

Nice to see Toronto looking more like last year's Grey Cup champs. I'd say from the numbers that Zach put up tonight, they have nothing to worry about in the back-up department. The addition of Curtis Steele to the line-up proved to a be a valuable move. The Argo D played like demons - not once permitting the Lions a major while the Argo offence had little problem finding ways around a BC defence purported to be #1 in the league that had absolutely no answer to the back-up QB for the Argos.

Good solid win for the team - congrats to Scott and the guys for getting it done.

Yes great game by the better team here-- BC DEFENSE is not #1- They get all their stats and credit from beatin EDMONTON and WINNIPEG and all the weaker teams--
BC vs good teams get exposed--

ARGOS look great and I suspect that COLLAROS will be protected next year and they will leave RICKY RAY unprotected- YOu have to think they cant lose COLLAROS, he is 25 and could be the next DOUG FLUTIE-- I watched him play in college and this guy is made for the CFL and made to be a CHAMP- He has the speed and moves and can throw it also--

COLLAROS will be starter next year- he has to be now--

I can see why you would argue for keeping Zach, GG.......however I do not see the Argos throwing Rickie into the draft - they have way too much invested in him. Mind you, I have been known to be wrong before. :lol:

"Argos teach Lions a Lesson"

Indeed they did but will the Lions learn anything from it? Ricky Ray is a tough QB to beat and he was not even at the helm. Kackert, when he's on, breaks tackles like crazy. He was not playing. A 4th stringer [3rd?] steps in to replace an elite QB and he doesn't just turn in a decent performance he chews up the Lions defence pretty much making them look like a bunch of amateurs. I don't think anyone expected the Lions to be shut down the way they were or that a novice QB would wrack up 38 points against a stingy defence but it happened. This was not a lesson. It was clinic! A clinic on how to be super hungry. A clinic on how not to take dumb penalties.
Travis Lulay is a fine of the best in the league but this is not the first time I've seen him appear to fold under pressure and that has me worried.

Collaros? If he plays as well as he did last night in several more games then he is the real deal. He was an escape artist last night avoiding being sacked several times. Many passes were thrown with precision. However, this the first time the Lions and other teams had a chance to see him in action. They will make adjustments I''m sure. A disappointing loss for the Lions but a great outcome for an Eastern Division that is struggling.

we will see if the lions know against the top teams in the league , how they will do , what scares me about the lions is that Both games they lost they got blown out, is this things to come ? know that after the Winnipeg game this Monday play a very tough schedule against Calgary and Sask.

Not look good so far

Yep, Travis is a fine QB, but the Argo D made him look like a back-up and a poor one at that - and I don't think anyone saw that coming.

I am not totally surprised to see that Scott Milanovich was able to bring the team up to standard after their slow start. I have a lot of faith in Scott and felt that he would get the team back on track sooner or later.........just very glad to see it was sooner.

As per penalties, I have seen BC do this before when they were behind in a game - seems that all thought of discipline goes out the window........but that one call which saw 3 BC defenders get nailed with unnecessary roughness was a new low for the team. Benevides best get on top of that right quick.