Argos tap Kizer for neg list

Interesting move. Is he that big a name that he might pull in more fans. I don't know that much about him accept he was a 2nd round pick by Cleveland. The Browns haven't had too many good drafts going back a few years. Maybe Kizer was over rated.
Would have to replace MBT if signed IMO, unless there is a suspicion Nichols shoulder isn't ready. No guarantee there will be a 2020 season though, so it could be a mute point.

He was the QB for Notre Dame for 2 years and did well. I thought he came out a year too early. Getting drafted by the clown show that was the Browns didn't help him at all, and he's bounced around as a backup since. I think he's got the skills and abilities to be pretty good, but he needs some good coaching and some time to develop.

As to name recognition, I'd assume with the massive ND fan base that he'd draw some American eyeballs if the Argos were able to pick him up.

i'm an nd fan and he is a big guy and has wheels - he'd be great as argos pivot

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I agree. I don't think any team in the NFL is looking for him beyond being a backup.

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i watched mbt in 2019 and he ad awful, fumbling the ball there by not allowing argos to score a td, throwing picks to take argos out of fg range, getting sacked a lot .... he just stinks as a leader, he is great if u want to lose