Argos talking with Michael Bishop

Well if they are not they should be!!!

11-1 as a starter with Argos, and cut the crap about it only being the defense! Defense played better when Bishop was under center, the entire team at every level played better when Bishop was at QB.

Also Bish had great moments in Sask as well as Winnipeg. I could put a tape together from Bishop`s 2009 Bomber part season, that would blow your mind.

Bishop is the way to go, but probably will not happen because of a thing called swallowing ones pride, Argos not capable of it, it seems. This is very disappointing for me because I had thought Dave Brailey was above this kind of shiet. He went out and hired a coach that decided the thing to do was go to camp without a QB??? After 2 terrible seasons they now are telling us its a rebuilding year?

I cant see Argos winning more than 3 games.

You seem to forget the season finale when he completely fell apart against the Tiger-Cats. Bishop is NOT the way to go.

I felt bad for Bishop during his last stint in Toronto. He really deserved the right to be the starter but someone decided we needed Joseph instead. Man that pissed me off. What a mess that created, I suspect it divided the dressing room as well. As far as talking with Bishop for this season I don't think it will happen. Our path seems to be chosen and good or bad I don't see Barker changing the game plan. He is committed to developing a starter out of the crop we have.

Why are we still having this debate? Hasn't Bishop proven in the last couple of years that he is a great athlete but not a very good QB. We know he has a great arm but he has a hard time getting the ball to his receivers rather than the other teams defense. If the Argos want to get better they will try to develop a QB, although it certainly wouldn't hurt to find someone with CFL experience to be 2nd or 3rd string.

This isn't 2007. Bishop is done. If Lemon doesn't produce in these next few games then put in Bell. It's time to turn the page. Let's not forget that Bishop COMPLETELY fell apart in the 2007 East Final. After that game I never wanted to see him in an Argos uniform ever again.

Just as he COMPLETELY fell apart in Saskatchewan's playoff game against BC in 2008, and again COMPLETELY fell apart in the last game of the season in 2009 against Hamilton, thus blowing the Bombers' playoff hopes. He always does that in crucial games it seems. Other than some few posters with an eerie fascination for the guy, I doubt anyone in the CFL has any interest in him anymore.

I thought the original post was an attempt at satire. Thought it was pretty funny too until I realized he was serious.

I would be thrilled to have Michael Bishop back in Blue and White, and so would a majority of the fans. Important to remember that the handful of people that reg take part in this forum, really does not represent the views of the average fan that attends the games or watches on tv.

This is not an attack on anybody, just stating a fact! Majority of CFL fans do not take part in any online discussions, this is just a fact, sorry.

You're right. These forums are for the Die Hard's. The ones that attend/watch ALL games, go to Grey Cups, live and breath the CFL and thus know what they are talking about.

let's give lemon and Bell a few more games. Michael Bishop has had numerous chances, and has FAILED!! I like the direction barker is going so far. If this team is playing better after Labour day than I will be happy.

Wow, you like the QB direction?
After the last two disaterous years, we cannot wait till Labour Day.
In a small 8 team league it is possible to turn the ship overnight.

I agree: Bishop has used up his chances. I'm very surprised there's not more hype around the possibility of acquiring Jarious Jackson from BC. He has an incredible arm. His production went down last year after a shoulder injury. He's now sitting 3rd string BC after Printers and Lulay, and probably itching to start somewhere else.


Problem with Jackson is he was always better coming off the bench. I don't know how good he'd be as a regular starter. Toronto can certainly try to acquire him, but... I don't know. I'd rather see what the guys Toronto already has can do.

Hey Argotom how many games does Lemon have to start before he has enough CFL experience for ya?

Yes I like the direction, and yes I can wait until labour day to get this team going. I am happy with progress.

Lemon impressed me tonight. Stay with him, I think he can do some damage for us this year!

Argotom just likes to complain. I think tonight showed the Argos are on the right path. :thup:

Lemon did show a great improvement in last night's game. He's certainly showing some poise and experience in terms of his decision making. It just looks like the execution part needs some work as the throws are not always where they need to be. Credit to the receiving corps for making the effort to adjust as needed to the passes thrown. I don't think we can be too upset with a 1-1 record after 2 road games.

Also - wrt to Jarious Jackson. There's always going to be the added complication of making any kind of transaction with BC given the ownership situation. That adds an extra degree of difficulty to pursuing something like that.

Michael Bishop??? Hell Yes

Among the many, many, many, numerous mistakes made by Bart Andrus was failing to name a #1 QB and stick with it.

Let Lemon develop. So far he's looked better than Joseph and Bishop combined last year.