Argos talkin about 18-0

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Tony Miles was running through the Argos offence out loud, man by man, asset by asset, when he paused to make a stunning proclamation.

"We want to do something special," Miles said. "We want to go 18-0.

"I know that sounds crazy, but we want to do something historic. I'm not just saying this. I think it's possible. If we stay healthy, I believe it's possible. We know what we're capable of and we're capable of going 18-0."

Maybe they should start with one win.

The Argos, in the Ricky Williams era, have played two pre-season games against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and lost two-pre-season games. The previous game they played that actually mattered -- the Eastern final against the Montreal Alouettes -- they lost.

"Only team (that is) going to beat us is us," said Miles, who caught 91 passes for 1,275 yards last season. "We've been going against ourselves the whole camp. You get edgy after a while. We're ready for some real action."

The most anticipated Argos season in years begins tomorrow afternoon at the Rogers Centre. Whether the Argos win their opener, the next 17, or whatever happens in between remains the great unknown.

But the possibilities are unlike any Argos team before it.

Damon Allen has played a million or so years in the Canadian Football League, played on four championship teams, and never has seen a lineup like this.

He has Ricky Williams and Jeff Johnson in the backfield, John Avery as their backup.

Jim Germany and Angelo Santucci and Neil Lumsden, they are not.

Allen can throw the ball to Miles, to Arland Bruce, to Robert Baker, to R. Jay Soward (in between suspensions and popcorn runs) to dependable Andre Talbot, to Keith Stokes.

"And they're all different kind of athletes," Allen said. "They each give you another element.

"If we can stay focused and not get ahead of ourselves, I think it's possible (to go undefeated). There's always a chance. I've never seen it, yet. But I believe we're capable. We have to stay healthy and we have to limit the turnovers."

And, eventually, they have to win a football game.

The season starts tomorrow and the entire focus has shifted from Williams to two pre-season losses. In fairness, Williams still is rounding into game condition. People around the Argos now acknowledge that much. Either that or they're intentionally downplaying Williams' role in the offence and will have him explode on Saturday.

More likely, he still is learning and getting into shape.

But around him, there is all kinds of laughing optimism for a team that tripped all over itself throughout the exhibition season. If you didn't know better and saw the looseness of the Argos practice yesterday, you would have no idea the season begins tomorrow. Part of that is the Pinball Clemons way. Part of that is the confidence this team exudes -- a confidence Clemons cautions about.

In other years, maybe this Argos team could talk about its invincibility. Just not this year. Not yet, anyhow.

"The league is too strong," Clemons said. "There's a boat load of talent here. There is talent everywhere."

Ottawa is gone. One pushover off the schedule. Hamilton had added Jason Maas, Corey Holmes, Josh Ranek, Joe Paopao and Terry Vaughn. Another pushover off the schedule. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers upgraded almost everywhere and Saskatchewan "always has so much raw talent."

Which means what?

"It's TBD," said Clemons, meaning to be determined. "I think it's only partially true that (the Argos are the only team that can defeat the Argos). That may have been true in the league that existed a year ago. It's not a recognition of what happened in the off-season."

Don Matthews likes to say there are only two kinds of football teams: Those that are getting better and those that aren't.

"We want to win," Miles said. "It's not about keeping people happy. If we win, people will be happy. You look at your own numbers after the fact. They don't matter. You're just one person here.

"The team is greater than any one person."
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Jason Maas is 30 and his career path is a study in unfairness. The more he did, the less he got.

Maybe until now.

Sorry Tony, not this year.
This could easily become the year where no one team is able to pull out as the frontrunner. 18-0 doesn't just happen for a team with an aging qb and a highly questionable backup in Spergeon Wynn (sp?). Toronto isn't without areas of concern, such as, will Ricky Williams be able to light it up? or Does Toronto have an improved rushing Defence? Talking about 18-0 does so much exude confidence as much as it displays arrogance. Could they do it? Sure, anything is possible and they have the tools to beat any team in the league. Will they do it? Not a Chance!

my two cents

Maybe Tony means that after tomorrow when they are 0-1 they can go 0-18. Nice try Tony give your head a shake and then another shake.

I hope coach Marshall is telling the boys about this for some extra motivation for tomorrow. As if they would need it.

Ahhh ,lets shake Tony's head for him....

The Argos are a pretty stacked team alright!!!

We are a pretty talented team this year as well ,with heart and power ball potential..... :cowboy:

i luv it! OVERCONFIDENT AND TOO IRROGANT for their own good. hope the ticat players read this.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks I really needed a laugh. That's probably the funniest thing I've ever read. Who loses 2 preseason games and then comes out and says they're going 18-0?? :o
Who loses 2 preseason games and then comes out and says they're going 18-0??
Well, there's only two teams with blue as major colours, and I don't think Winnipeg is quite that arrogant.

you'd think that.... but to listen to some of their fans on other sites suggests otherwise.....

I think a team going 18-0 in the CFL is pretty near impossible. Too many variables, weather, injuries, short times between games and just plain turning up flatter than you know what on a plate. It is a long season and I just cannot see any team staying at that peak for the duration. Besides, this year there are just too many "Big Boys" on the block! Sorry Argos.

No one will go undefeated this year. One of the many reasons why the Argos won't go undefeated is that Damon Allen always has 4 to 6 bad games a year. Always has, always will. That's not to say they won't be a good team, they will, but not 18-0 good.

I hope Tony was saying that tongue in cheek because there is too many things that can happen in any given ballgame for any team to go undefeated. I think any team that can win even 14 games this year has to have a lot of things go their way.

to say they are going 18-0, sounds to me like they must not think too much about the 2 pre-season losses...maybe tony knows they were holding back and expects to blow away the tabbies on saturday?....

why else would he be lookin past the tabbies and all the way to the 18th game?


I'd never want a player to suit up for the Mighty Double Blue who didn't think that he was going to win every time he and his team took to the field.


I'm not even sure they'll win tomorrow, nevermind all 18 games.

They’ll have trouble winning 10 which is the absolute max. I could see them winning.

I’m going to go out on a thick limb here and predict that no team will have more than 11 wins. There is just too much balance on paper to believe there will be overly dominant division leaders.

Sorry Tony. :thdn:

We had 11 last year...without Ricky...I can't see us getting less than 13...

That's losing to each East team plus two West losses thrown in. 13-5 at least.

not really Bluto......I see Montreal ending up in 1st and Toronto and Hamilton fighting for 2nd.

Man.. people just can't seem to get away from Ricky "I am the be all saviour of this pathetic little team, I vow to destroy all that is good in the name of..... Where am I again?" Williams. This pothead is NOT a god.. give some of the OTHER team guys a bit of spotlight will ya....