Argo's take to the road for TC apearances

It appears that the Argo's playing their mock scrimmage game in Oshawa was a huge success. This appears to be Bell's first marketing strategy, even though they are not officially owners as of yet.
They also seem to be very comfortable in having training camp on the York Campus.
Next season York will have a first class stadium and training facilities in place.

BC, Montreal, and Sask have all taken their TCs to opposite sides of their province.
While EDM really seems to enjoy the set up they have with Commonwealth unavailable.

Both Hamilton and Ottawa look to have a great relationship for TC at their nearby respective Universities.
Still to keep with a succesful trend a new stadium inKingston for the Gaels will be up. As for HamiltonTD Waterhouse is a great facility in London.

Each team holding TC camp their until there first pre season game then returning to Mac and Carleton

There is a proper time to use apostrophes, and a proper time not to; this is one of the latter.

Once the season starts, I'll stop harping on grammar and spelling, I promise :lol:

I thought apostrophes indicate possession?

They do.

Hence: Argo's schedule; correct

Argo's uniforms; correct

Argo's take to the road; Argo's playing their mock scrimmage game; both incorrect.

Does a possessive apostrophe for a word that ends in an "s" not come after the word?

For example:

If one Argonaut owned a doughnut, it would be that Argonaut's doughnut.

However if the doughnut belonged to the team collectively, it would be the Argonauts' doughnut.

Am I wrong?

  1. madjack is correct about the use of the apostrophes. I pointed this same thing out to cflsteve before, but I guess old habits are hard to break. Sadly, he also continues to write incomplete sentences, but whatever.

  2. This thread's subject is premature. The Argos had their Fan Day in Oshawa because a group from Oshawa lobbied to have it there. They would otherwise have had it at York. I'm fairly sure that the players and coaches would have preferred to remain at York for this, rather than have to pack up their equipment and sit on a bus for 40 minutes each way. I am not sure if the travel time counts toward the CBA for practice time.

Apostrophes can also take the place of missing letters, which is exactly what they are doing in contractions. For example, "can't" uses the apostrophe to replace the missing "no" in "cannot". A common mistake in signage is where there aren't enough apostrophes, or the apostrophe is in the wrong place: "Pac 'n Save" is incorrect because the second apostrophe, representing the letter "d" in "and" is missing. It should be spelled "Pac 'n' Save". However the phrase "eat 'n apple" is correct because there is no letter after the letter "n".

Well that's even better. A group from Oshawa lobbied to get the Argos there and they accepted the request.
If I remember correctly it was a group from a minor football program in Oshawa.
With the Argos coming that group of young players and their parents etc will be more likely to make a large group trip to a home game. As well individual families will be more likely to go on their own.
Hence it will be a whole generation growing up Argo fans and supporters.

The Riders just did something similar. Having the morning workout in Saskatoon. Then bussed to Prince Albert for an afternoon session. I believe they said it was the first time that the Riders as a team went to PA.

Yup, Oshawa Hawkeyes was the minor league team of I recall correctly.

And yes, it was a terrific turnout. I'm just not sure how many attendees were tried and true Argonauts fans (like me) who would go anywhere reasonably local, versus people in the east GTA who attended because it was close to their homes. I hope it was the latter, but I fear it was the former.

Nonetheless, your point that this is a great team marketing tactic is accurate imo. :thup: