Argos take the CFL by Storm

To CFL Fans:
Those fabulous Argos will take the CFL by stormn this year.We have the best Quarterback in the CFL in Damon Allen and a good RunningBack in Ricky Williams and some other good players such as Robert Baker,Livingston,Jeff Johnson,and the Queen's grad Brian Crawford.
The TigerCats,Bombers and the Als will be fighting for second place!.
Have fun watching those Argos-Aucklander

1 hope so.

I'm sure we can beat the Ti-CRAPS from Hamilton today!

next time we will beat you useless pieces of ............................. (draw own conlusion, if help is needed, call Sylvan Learning Centers Today=)

We beat you with our back up Q.B. :lol:

As you all said to us after preseason Grey Cups aren't won in training camp well I say it back to you Grey Cups aren't won in June.

True and I picked HAMILTON to be first in the EAST and the ARGOS second. :wink:

But it is nice to win at home. :thup:

I think that Jason Maas still needs to gel with his new receivers. I don't think it will take long but another game or so.

Spergon Wynn looked very good for you. Hang onto him. He will be the new "heir" to Damon's Throne! He will be your Quarterback of the future!

Couch who????

Wynn looked very good because the Ticats defense made him look that way. He is a good quarterback everyone in the CFL is a good quarterback but there isn't too many very good ones. And then there is some with the potential to be very good ones.

I thought Hamilton fans were touting their defense as one of the better ones in the league...especially the front seven. I thought they played as well as they could.

just outta curiosity..but is there any argo fans makin the trip to bomber land for this fridays game??

The Defense Front seven is really good and the secondary looked really good in training camp so seeing the game on saturday I was shocked. Adjustments will be made though and I think a different team will be seen Saturday against Montreal

Hammer has a few holes to fill on defence but that was no secret.....the Bombers on the other hand looked very good defensively against one of the best offenses in the league......question, what if the Bomber blow out the Argos on Friday, then what.......

I think Winnipeg has a good chance to beat Toronto and beat them good. If it wasn't for that fourth quarter on Friday Winnipeg would have shocked Montreal.

What storm are you talking about?? Could that be the buzz saw in Winnipeg? So much for the 18-0 record.

Awfully quiet since the crushing defeat.