Argos sweep regular season series over Ticats

TORONTO – Four games against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats equalled four wins for the Toronto Argonauts in 2023.

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I think what Chad Kelly mouthed to the camera about safety was a little spoiled brat comment. Chad, it’s time to put big boy pants on. When the contact was made you were no longer a quarterback. You were trying to get a first down. Hamilton was trying to stop you. The contact was not helmet to helmet, it was not shoulder to helmet, it was not a punch. It was a player trying to grab anything but the face mask and stop you (a running back now) from getting the first down. Please grow up or change sports to pickleball

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Hey BobbyT
His concern was legitimate
Simoni Lawrence is a well known Thug - I see prison time in the future for him.
Every other QB in the league is protected so well that you can;t touct their helmet.
I think someone else should put on their Big Boy pants.

based on your MBT comments I’m finding your Simoni comments equally amusing.

He was not a quarterback at the time of contact. Simoni has been a thug in past but I can’t think of one incident this year that he has been involved in. If your a quarterback you can slide and be protected, Chad did not take that opportunity and he became a running back trying to get a first down. Would there have been any problem with that tackle if it was AJ or Stanbeck?

Chad Kelly will never outgrow his bad-boy narcissistic personality. It’s who he is.

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